Created by Robert Maxwell.

Sector: Xamell
Planet Name:
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Moderate
Atmosphere: Type I
Hydrosphere: 55%
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Forests and plains
Length of Day: 26 hours
Length of Year: 390 days
Sapient Species: Ithorians and Humans.
Points of Interest:

1.) Mother Forests
2.) Academy of Vesbarin


Starport: Stellar Class
Population: 6 million
Planet Function:  Agriculture
Government: Religion / Elder
Tech Level: Space

Major Exports: Exotic food.
Major Imports: Personal equipment.
System: Xamell
Star: Karila


Vesbarin was an uninhabited planet until an Ithorian Herd ship was forced down on the planet due to an attack by pirates. During the attack, the Ithorian herd ship suffered heavy damage, and was forced to land on the garden planet they had been orbiting. The landing caused a massive amount of damage to the local ecology, which the Ithorians regretted. Their elder said that they would have to repair the damage before they could leave, and so the Ithorians and the humans that were aboard the ship began to work on the planet. Soon, some of the Ithorian ship engineers discovered that the herd ship was beyond repair. The Ithorian elder then made a bold decision. He gathered the people and told them that they would build a new civilization on this world. One that respected the great forest, and benefited the planet. He told them that this world would be an example to the rest of the galaxy about how people could live with the planets they inhabited and not off of it (i.e. robbing the planet of its life).

Since that time, they have become an agricultural world, bent on nurturing the planet as well as making a living. It has become a focal point for galactic ecologists as an example of sustainable living.

The planet is passives. They have no weapons, and will not allow bases to be constructed on the world. They have only cottage industries (no mass production), and the majority of the populace are farmers. Vesbarin is believed to have one of the greatest universities and research institutes in the galaxy when it comes to agriculture and planetary ecology. Their main export is in native (exotic) foods (including the much lauded Vesbarin wines). They do not import major machinery, but personal (non- weapon) equipment is in demand.

There is one spaceport on the planet, and this is focused around the ruins of the old herd ship and the protected remains of the ships central forest. All trade is conducted here, and tour groups are regularly taken from here to see the planet.

Main inhabitants: Ithorian (60%), Humans (30%), other (10%).

GM notes: They are not an imperial world, but there is an imperial presence in the system (it is only a matter of time before the empire orders the planet to allow the establishment of an imperial garrison). It is possible that Vesbarin is supplying the rebels with foodstuff, but it would not be a directly traceable contact.

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