Created by Paul Umbarger.

Sector: Umbaul
Planet Name: Shazbutte
Type: Home world
Temperature: Moderate
Atmosphere: Type I
Hydrosphere: Humid
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Tropical
Length of Day: 20 Hours
Length of Year: 280 Days
Sapient Species: Human
Points of Interest:
 1.) Glacier Equator.
 2.) Paw print islands (Tropical paradise)

Starport: Landing fields
Population: 10, 000.
Planet Function: Corporation
Government: Corporation
Tech Level: Hyper
Major Exports: Ice
Major Imports: Technology.
System: Umbaul
Star: Terrika

Shazbutte holds two functions for the Kelpeth corporation. The first is that it's a mining colony that mines the glaciers to in order to sell water and Ice on Tattooine. The second is a corporate resort for the Kelpeth corporate executives on the Paw print islands.

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