Salus I

Created by Larry Parr.

Sector: Raiparr
Planet Name: Salus I
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Hot
Atmosphere: Type III
Hydrosphere: Arid
Gravity: Light
Terrain: Barren
Length of Day: 36 hours
Length of Year: 75 local days
Sapient Species: Human
Points of Interest:

Starport: Landing fields
Population: 2, 000
Planet Function: Mining
Government:  Corporate owned
Tech Level: Stone
Major Exports: Spice
Major Imports: Food and Mining Supplies
System: Raiparr
Star: Chimiccamu


Salus I is a mining planet on the outer fringes of the Raiparr system that is owned by Kelpeth Corporation which uses the spice that is mined from the location for high priced medicinal cure-alls. The spice is tainted and one in every fifty sentients that takes it dies from viral exposure.

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