Created by Robert Maxwell.

Sector: Xamell
Planet Name:
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Moderate
Atmosphere: Type I
Hydrosphere: Moderate

Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Urban, plains, forests and mountains.
Length of Day: 29 hours
Length of Year: 300 days
Sapient Species: A veritable mixing pot, though mostly human.
Points of Interest:

1.) Cloud cities
2.) Space platform.

Starport: Stellar Class
Population: 8 billion
Planet Function:  Industrial
Government: Dictatorship
Tech Level: Space

Major Exports: Tech and food.
Major Imports: Tech, service and exotics.
System: Xamell
Star: Karila


Mylodor is the fourth planet of the system. Two of the other planets in the system are mining colonies of Mylodor. From space, Mylodor is a beautiful planet. Approximately 40% of the surface is covered by land, the rest consisting of oceans. From space it is obvious that much of the land is used for industry and agriculture. There are even a few floating cities on the sea, possibly used for aquaculture. There is little knowledge about the planet's surface, due to the fact that no scout or diplomatic envoy has been allowed to land on the planet. The closet look has come from the Alderan ambassador who was allowed to land at one of the cloud cities. All other contact with the people of Mylodor is conducted on the Mylodor space platform, which is a large
space station that orbits the second moon of Mylodor.

People: Mylodor is inhabited by humans. It has been speculated that Mylodor is a forgotten Zymodaran colony, but there is no proof of this. Any evidence for this theory would have to come from investigation of historical records as well as some archeological investigation.

Encounters thus far have caused researchers to speculate that the Mylodorian culture is based on a caste system. To date cultural researchers have identified four castes for contact in the space station. The politically dominate caste has been termed the rulers. They handle all welcomes, negotiations, arbitrations, and diplomatic meetings. The next most powerful caste appears to be the engineers. This caste include all manner of technologically competent people, including some of the finest ship engineers known on the outer rim (it is a shame that none of them can be hired). The next caste noted is the militia, which serves as guards and armed forces for both the space station and the cloud cities. The final caste appears to have no political or military power. They are servants to the other castes, or are assigned to assist guests of the space platform. The servants seem docile, and avoid answering questions about their society.

Some medical researchers believe that there are physiological differences between different castes. This can not be confirmed without further investigation in a controlled lab setting, but confirmation of this will prove another commonly held theory that the Mylodorians have instigated
a breeding program on their planet.

It is believed by researchers that there is another caste of workers that has not yet been seen by guests of the Mylodorians. The only way to prove this would be to land on the planet and investigate the industrial areas.

GM notes:
The Mylodorians have in fact instigated a breeding program on their planet. At present, the different castes are becoming different sub- species of humans. The rulers are being breed for intelligence and diplomatic ability. The engineers are being breed for technological expertise. The military is being breed to be great warriors. The servants are have their will and individuality breed out of them. The workers are the most unusual. Beyond breeding programs, they are the subjects of genetic research. The genetic engineers are trying to build workers more suited for their jobs. They have amphibious and aquatic workers, large muscular workers for heavy labor, and they are even working on avian workers. Most civilized worlds will find this whole system abhorrent.

Trade: Mylodor is very self-sufficient, but they are willing to trade for technology, services and exotic goods. They have medical and military technology, but they do not use droids (but they have a very advanced cybernetic lab). They will also sell food stuffs. All trade will be conducted on the space platform. Under no circumstances will a ship be allowed to land on the planet or on one of the three cloud cities.

GM notes: Mylodor is in fact on of the Zymodaran colonies. It lost contact with the core worlds nearly 16 centuries ago. Since that time, they have established a unique culture that many would find horrible.

The space station is actually a weapons platform. It is about the size of Ithorian herd ship, and can break from its lunar orbit to defend the planet. Under no circumstance will it leave the system.
Adventure hooks:

-They have rediscovered cloning technoloogy.

-They have built a super virus for the eempire.

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