Created by Robert Maxwell.

Sector: Xamell
Planet Name: Karila
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Moderate
Atmosphere: Type I
Hydrosphere: 45% Water
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Mountains and plains.
Length of Day: 24, tide locked, no rotation.
Length of Year: 410 days
Sapient Species:
Points of Interest:

1.) Barador: Darkside of the planet
2.) Kayvar: Lightside of the planet

Starport: None
Population: 250 Million
Planet Function:  Tide locked
Government: Monarchy
Tech Level: Low and high tech

Major Exports: None
Major Imports: None
System: Xamell
Star: Karila


The planet of Karila is the third planet from the sun. The other six planets are uninhabitable, but there are ruins of a civilization on the fourth planet. There has not been intensive investigation of this fourth planet due to the high ionization factor found in this system (GM note: the sun releases a great deal of radiation which causes extreme ionization of all equipment. All ship functions will be at a -2D while in the system, and there will be a -3D to all electrical functions while on a planet). Due to the ionization of this system, there has been very little traffic to the planet of Karila, and they do not posses interstellar travel, but they do posses an amazingly advanced technology. It has been postulated by the few researchers that have explored this system that Karila is one of the lost Zymorarian colonies.

One of the interesting things about this planet is that it is held in tidelock (there is no rotation to the planet). One side of the planet is in perpetual light, while the other is in perpetual dark. This is the only habitable tide locked planet known to this researcher. It is believed that this habitability is due to an amazing system of environmental regulators that can be found in the upper atmosphere. These regulators have created a constant temperature around the planet, there is no season variability, and even the rains have a programmed schedule. This planet has all of the features of a terraformed planet.

The people of this planet seem to have established two distinct civilizations; one known as the Dark Culture, and the other known as the Light Culture (the name's are given in respect to their location). It has been postulated that there exists a third culture that can be called the twilight that exists in the boarder region.

The two sides of the world are divided by a large wall (some 200 feet high and 1 mile wide). The existence of the wall is a mystery, but local folklore states that it is the remains of a vast castle that stretched around the world, and that even today there are unexplored rooms and chambers. No researcher has explored the possibility of this, but it must be said that this "wall" is a very foreboding place, and most people try to move through the "wall" as quickly as possible. There exists four "gates" through the wall. These are used for travel between the dark and light sides. Guards will be found on both sides.

The Light Side Culture: The light side is ruled by a council of 9 people elected by the various light side regions. The Empire has a small presence on the Light Side, with a very small Imperial Garrison stationed there.

The Empire does not want to risk more people on the planet due to the ionic interference with communications and equipment. Some believe that the empire is there to discover information on the strange technology found on the planet. The empire acknowledges the Light side government as the planets governing body. The people of the light side are mostly farmers, but there is a standing army known as the Guardians.

The Dark Side Culture: This is ruled by a monarchy. For some reason, the Empire refuses to acknowledge the government of this side. Most of the citizens are miners or fungus farmers and herders. It is also a popular place to hunt. The Queen also has a very well outfitted royal guard. (GM note: The Queen may be a force user (but has no darkside points). A common phrase in folklore is that the secret of the world are held in darkness, and the true light can only be found by those that dwell in darkness.

GM: Twilight. The wall of twilight is the training ground for a group of people known as techno wizards. This is a group of individuals that have a natural knack with mechanical and technological devices. They are the

ones who work on the regulators and other pieces of equipment. They are dedicated to their work, and will not leave the planet. They also know many of the secrets of this planet. They also know how to build or repair equipment so that it is not affected by ionization (these people are force sensitive, and will not give this information to the imperials).

Technology: The world is a anachronism of misplaced technology. The people still uses land animals for transportation, but they have sensor and communications technology. They use vibro-weapons, but some people have blasters that work to full effectiveness. (note, on the planet, blaster damage is reduced by 3D like all other tech equipment, also, Stormtrooper armor has no high tech components)

The planet also has a great deal of defensive abilities (these were created long before the clone wars). They are maintained by the techno wizards, and consist of planetary shields, planetary ion cannons, and what amounts to planet based lasers.

Trade: They do not conduct a great deal of business with other planets. Exotic foodstuffs and arts are the main things they would export. Leaders may import exotic supplies, but they do not have need for many other things. The Garrison on the light side regularly receives shipments from imperial supply bases.

GM: There is a legend of identical female twins, one light and one dark who ended a war between the two sides. It is believed that they were force users and that they "dissolved into the force." They seem to be the guardians of the planet, and can speak to force sensitive people (i.e. they told the techno wizards to not help the imperials)

GM: The planet its self is strong with the force. It may very well be that the planet has a form of base sentience.

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