Inversar Prime

Created by Robert Maxwell.

Sector: Xamell
Planet Name:
Inversar Prime
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Cool
Atmosphere: Type I
Hydrosphere: Arid
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Terraformed
Length of Day: 24 hours
Length of Year: 400 days
Sapient Species: Melting pot, but humans mostly.
Points of Interest:

1.) Vesbar Prime: The Largest asteroid

Starport: Stellar Class
Population: 800 million
Planet Function:  Terraformed stable asteroid field.
Government: Republic
Tech Level: Stellar

Major Exports: Technology
Major Imports: Food
System: Xamell
Star: Karila


The Inversar system is composed of nine planets (Two of which are terraformed and act as colonies for the Inversar asteroid belt), and an asteroid belt which is inhabited and terra-formed. The belt world exists between the second and third planets, both of which are terraformed and act as colonies. The people here are descendents of the Zymodaran culture. They have a very advanced technology, but they enjoy their isolation.

History: The planet of Inversar was a beautiful lush world that reminded the original colonists of the world of Zymodar (a core world that was instrumental in the formation of the Republic, but was destroyed due to a comet strike two hundred years after the formation of the Republic). For two hundred years, the colonists lived on their new world, but then it became known that their new world was in danger of destruction by another comet strike. Many believed that fate was against them, and so left the world to found new colonies (those of Mylodor and Karila). Those that remained build ships, but remained in the system. After the destruction of Inversar, they used their advanced technology (and terra- forming technology) to "Rebuild" Inversar. They used Repulsor technology to stabilize and even control the movement of the planets fragments. They then aligned the fragments toward the sun, and began terraforming the fragments. They also began terraforming the two closest planets. After another 50 years, their project was a partial success. The two planets and about 40 % of the fragments were habitable. At this point people began to move to their new homes.

Problems were just brewing. The three "worlds" grew into conflict. Greed and pride overwhelmed the inhabitants, and it threatened to send the worlds to war, but then a savior appeared. A star dragon came to the system to see what was going on. It had felt the disturbance created with the construction of the belt world. To make a long story short The dragon arbitrated the disputes between these sister worlds, and eventually became the ruler of these planets (by mutual consent of the people). This occurred when the dragon was young. Now after 1400 years, it is getting old, but it still rules.

GM note: the dragon also protected the planets with it's force skills. It would confuse ships that entered the system, or commanded them to leave. In this way, the planets have been isolated for a long time. The planets do have wonder short range ships and transports, but they have very few high tech weapons (max of 3D on blasters). They have amazing abilities with terra-forming and planetary ecology. They have moderate medical, but their cultures are very advanced in the arts and in philosophy.

GM note: The dragon has occasionally welcomed Jedi into the system, and some have even learned from the dragon. There is suppose to be a storehouse of conversations and diaries of Jedi. There may even be some artifacts that were placed under the dragons protection.

GM note: There is also three eggs laid by this dragon in the system. They are due to hatch within the next three years.

GM note: Each fragment and each planet has a "dock" that space craft could use. People of this world will be surprised and shocked to see a foreign craft. They are not naive, but they will welcome strangers. They will not know how to deal with non-humans though.

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