Gran Tarvell

Created by Larry Parr.

Sector: Raiparr
Planet Name: Gran Tarvell
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Temperate
Atmosphere: Type I
Hydrosphere: Moist
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Ocean
Length of Day: 36 hours
Length of Year: 420 local days
Sapient Species: Humans and various aliens
Points of Interest:
Gambling cruises, Brothels and remote Island resorts.

Starport: Stellar Class
Population: 72, 000
Planet Function: Entertainment
Government:  Corporate owned
Tech Level: Hyperspace
Major Exports: Tourism
Major Imports: High-tech / Mid-tech / Foodstuffs
System: Raiparr
Star: Chimiccamu


Gran Tarvell is an exclusive resort planet owned by the Kelpeth corporation, not much is known about the planet as it is the exclusive domain of the Kelpeth employees and not for use by offworlders other than the employees of the company.

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