Created by Robert Maxwell.

Sector: Xamell
Planet Name: Avorsar
Type: non-Terrestrial
Temperature: Moderate
Atmosphere: caustic
Hydrosphere: 60% oceans
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Swamps and forests
Length of Day: 18 hours
Length of Year: 130 days
Sapient Species: Avisar
Points of Interest:

1.) None

Starport: None
Population: 20 million
Planet Function:  Caustic forest
Government: Tribal council.
Tech Level: Space

Major Exports: None
Major Imports: None

System: Xamell
Star: Karila


The system of Xamell is home to fifteen different planets. The fifth planet is inhabited by a sentient race which has never been seen (they are about 2.5 meters tall, very thin, and pale. Also have glide wings like a flying squirrel). The only contact with this culture has been with their ships, which are sleek organic looking ships (in fact, they are organic. Avorsar has a very caustic atmosphere, and metals degrade very quickly. The ships are actually grown in vats. They are a genetically altered native life form that can now deal with the rigors of space). When encountered, the ships usually fire a warning shot while demanding that the invading ship leaves the area. It is obvious that this race is highly xenophobic. They have never made contact with other life forms.

GM note: The planet has a very caustic atmosphere. The native life forms have adapted to this environment and are not harmed by extremely acidic environments. Forgoing equipment will be subject to a 40 attack for every turn in the environment (shields do not help). People will be subject to the same damage, but remember that this is damage on a starship scale. Eventually, event the strongest ship will succumb to this atmosphere.

GM note: There are many Avorsarians who believe that it is time to begin to learn about the other races of the galaxy. There is a small group that wants to capture and test aliens (one thing that they do not realize is that other races can not live in a caustic environment). Others of the population believes that they should make peaceful contact and begin to study. Even with their slight build, the Avorsarians are competitive, and will only ally themselves with those that seem strong and competitive (making them very prone to imperial influence).

GM note: This planet has a very heavy gravity, so on other worlds they
will be able to jump a great distance, and will appear as stronger than when they are on their native world (this is very unusually since they have a slight build. Most high gravity worlds have very short stocky inhabitants. The Avorsarians are lithe and have the ability to glide).

GM note: They have a wonderful array of biotech, but they are lacking in a great deal of "technology."

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