General Thomas Wayne

Created by Keith Kilburn

Type-New Republic Special Forces General
A Quote-I've been putting foot to ass for the Republic since before you were born Solider and when I ask for a mug of Java, I don't want de-caffeinated.

Blaster:6D, Dodge:6D, Firearms:7D+1, Melee Combat 6D+2, (SP) Vibro-knife:7D+2, Pick Pockets:4D+2, Running:5D

Intimidation:5D+2, Streetwise:5D, Survival:5D, (SP) The Streets: 6D, Tactics:8D, (SP) Large group tactics: 6D+2, (SP) Small group Tactics: 5D+2, (SP) Imperial tactics: 6D+2, Willpower:5D, Languages:7D, Scholar: Military History: 6D+2, (Old and New) Republic History: 6D+2, (Old and New) Republic Military History: 6D+2.

Jet Pack Opps.:4D, Repulsorlift Opps.:4D, Ground Vehicle Opps.:4D., Starfighter Piloting:5D, Astrogation:5D, Starship Shields:5D, Starship Gunnery:5D

Command 7D, (S) Mutt Squads:10D, Con:6D, Hide:5D+2, Sneak:7D, Search:5D

Brawling:5D, Stamina:4D, Lifting:4D, Climb/Jump:4D+2, Swimming:4D

Demolitions:5D, First Aid:5D, Security:5D+2, Computer Program/Repair:4D

Force Sen.?-No
Force Points-4
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-30

Military uniform, Comlink, Blaster Pistol (4D,3-10/30/120) and command of the Republic Special Forces.

Thomas Wayne gradated from the Republic military academy at the age of eighteen and clawed his way through the ranks under his father General Anthony Wayne. Thomas had it hard in the fact that his father expected one hundred and ten percent from his men and pushed his son for one hundred and fifty percent. Thomas was in charge of a Spec. Forces squad and had become a commanding officer when he next saw a former member of the Mutt Squad. Thomas was assigned to retrieve J.S. Boggin's daughter from a backwater planet and even though he could do nothing to stop it Boggins realized that from the moment Thom and Lilly saw one another there was an attraction.

Thomas and Lilly began to see one another and eventually married, General Wayne retired and Thom took over his position on Coruscant. Thomas has helped the members of the Mutt Squad when he could and has even joined them in the field on a couple of occasions.

In the years since taking over his father's position as the head of Republic Special Forces, Thomas has left the field and seen many of his friends die. Life has turned him bitter and the many battles have left him scared. While he has a deep respect for the Jedi, he is less enamored with Strom Minigrod who he still thinks of as a punk-kid riding his older brother's coat-tail.