Reggie Delude

created by Mark Hudson and Shelley Bolman.

Template- Gentle Gamorean
Weight-255 lbs
A Quote: "Alderaan had it coming. (drool) People don't blow up whole planets for no reason, c'mon! Besides, look what the rebels did to the Death Star Space Defense Platform! That was a terrible and unwarranted massacre..."

Blaster:5D, Dodge:6D+1,

Alien Species:5D+2, Cultures:4D+1, Library use:5D, Tactics:4D+1


Bargain:2D+2, Bribery:2D+2, Command:3D


Computer Prog. / Repair:7D+1, Droid Prog./Repair:7D+1, Demolitions:3D+2, Gadgeteering:4D, Security:5D+2

Force Sen.?-No
Force Points-1
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-5

**Note that these are the stats for Reggie Delude in the Mutt Squad game and that neither the stats, nor anything that he's done here have any influence on Mark Hudson's game whatsoever. It should be further noted that other then the name and some basic statistics that this character is probably completely different then Mark's version.

A portable computer (+1D to computer rolls), a tool kit (+1D to repair rolls) and a Blaster pistol (4D, 3-10/30/130, ammo:100)

Genetically engineered Reggie wanted nothing more than to play video games and read his propaganda leaflets, when the Imperial Super Solider program was cut he took it on the lam. He was captured by a slaver and then rescued by a rebel crack (Pot) cell that took him to Cloud city. He is torn between his Imperial upbringing and his new rebel friends. The rebels seem kind but they give him dirty looks when he speaks glowingly of the "valiant Darth Vader". Confusion reigns in poor Reggie's brain.

Reggie's final fate after the battle of Endor has finally been revealed. It seems that he joined the Bosskites during Bismol-la-palooza and has since taken to preaching the word of Bossk and printing leaflets with his Trandoshan 'brothers'.