Rebellion and Republic Characters

this too is created by players and evil GMs alike.

Those who served the Rebellion and New Republic from 'A New Hope" until 'The Fall of the Sith'.

Leia Organa-Galactic President
Mon Mothma-Galactic Vice President
Grand Admiral Ackbar
General Anthony Wayne-Spec Forces General
Winter-Aide to President Organa.
Lady Maglenna Pendower-Queen of New Alderaan.
Commander Thomas Wayne-Head of Republic Spec. Forces.
Lt. Garel Drayson-Communications expert.
Lt. Mcdonal 'Mac' Snarn-Intelligence officer.
J.B. Briggs-Master at Arms.
Sutch-Computer Slicer
Daye Azur-Jamin:-Covert Operative
Alex Winger-Covert Operative
The Crew of Kryzah's ship 'the Freedom'
Harry the Jawa-Repair Technician
Frank the Jawa-The H.S.C. of the R.A.D.
Dawn-Tech Specialist
Mirax Terrik-Smuggler
Iella Wessiri-Ex-SeCor Officer

The Gang A.K.A 'Hudson's Raiders' ((With apologies to Ian Houlihan and his players, appearing as NPCs, no PCs were harmed in the playing of this campaign...)
Beowulf "Thrusty" Thrustspeare-Outlaw
Kirby Connin-Brash Pilot
Ket Mestle-Jedi Knight
Miria Casteel-Bounty Hunter
The Action Mon-Outlaw
Reggie Delude-Gentle Gamorean
Jezzail Bryant-Mandalorian Bounty Hunter
Robin Nash-Scout

The Thermal Force (With apologies to Ian Houlihan and his players, appearing as NPCs, no PCs were harmed in the playing of this campaign...)
Tanlee Jandaloo-Rebel Alliance Commando
Gan Jan-Ru-Bounty Hunter
Ledala Korewa-Smuggler
Jovan Farstrider-Failed Jedi
Ace Knight-Gambler
Kobe Tenchu-Ex-Imperial Commando

Flight Squads from the adventures of the Mutt Squad.

The Dragon Squad-Appearing in the ongoing adventures chronicled at the Moonswing Chronicles

General Hannibal Romilar-Head of the Dragon Squadron
Kyan DeGritz-X-Wing Pilot
Val Corestar-H-Wing Pilot
Drayen Tolth-X-Wing Pilot
Anthuana Felent-Martique-Y-Wing Pilot
Dorn Lumsküller-Chief Engineer
Suskafoo-Assistant Engineer

The Members of the Freedom Squad.
Commander Shirie BrieLeader of the Freedom Squad
Marb Tancuso-X-Wing Pilot
Yan Lomstz-X-Wing Pilot
Tal Boda-X-Wing Pilot
Debra Decolio-X-Wing Pilot
Zil Djinn-X-Wing Pilot
Jin Kones-Y-Wing Pilot
Zuwa Choot-X-Wing Pilot
Taki Antina-Y-Wing Pilot
Naye Wai-Repair Tech.

The Members of the Rogue Squad. (Thanks to Brian White!!!)
Commander Wedge Antilles-Leader of the Rogues
Lt. Wes Janson-X-Wing Pilot
Lt. Derek "Hobbie" Klivan-X-Wing Pilot
Lt. Aril Nunb-X-Wing Pilot
Lt. Pash Cracken-X-Wing Pilot
Lt. Gavin Darklighter-X-Wing Pilot
Lt. Bror Jace-X-Wing Pilot
Lt. Ooryl Qrygg-X-Wing Pilot
Lt. Lujayne Forge-X-Wing Pilot
Lt. Inyri Forge-X-Wing Pilot
Lt. Peshk Vri'syk-X-Wing Pilot
Lt. Nawara Ven-X-Wing Pilot
Lt. Riv Shiel-X-Wing Pilot
Lt. Rhysati Ynr-X-Wing Pilot
Lt. Andoorni Hui-X-Wing Pilot
Lt. Asyr Sei'lar-X-Wing Pilot
Lt. Tal'dira-X-Wing Pilot
Lt. Tycho Celchu-X-Wing Pilot
Lt. Corran Horn-X-Wing Pilot
Lt. Nrin Vakil-X-Wing Pilot
Lt. Plourr Ilo-Z-95 Pilot
Lt. Feylis Ardele-X-Wing Pilot
Lt. Avan Beruss-X-Wing Pilot
Col. Horton Salm-Y-Wing Pilot
Lt. Zraii-Repair Technician
M-3P0-Protocol Droid

Those who served the Republic from 'The Fall of the Light' until 'The Dark Times'.

General Thomas Wayne-Special Forces General
Commander Quentin Yuburi-Head of Republic Spec. Forces.

and more to come.....

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