Robin Nash

created by Mark Hudson.

Template- Scout
Weight-115 lbs
A Quote:If I ever want to move a rock with my mind, I'll pick it up and throw it

Blaster:5D+2, Dodge:5D+1, Lock Pick:4D+2, Melee Combat:5D, Running:4D+2,

Alien Species:6D, Languages:5D, Planetary Systems:4D+2, Survival:5D, Bureaucracy:4D+2

Beast Riding:4D+2, Repulsor Ops.:4D

Con:3D+2, Forgery:3D+2, Persuasion:4D, Sneak:5D+2, Bargain:4D, Bribery:4D, Command:3D+2

Stamina:4D+2, Brawling:5D+2

Computer Program and Repair:3D+2, Security:5D, Starship Repair:3D+2, Starship Weapon Repair:3D+2

Force Sen.?-No
Force Points-2
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-15

**Note that these are the stats for Robin Nash in the Mutt Squad game and that neither the stats, nor anything that she's done here have any influence on Mark Hudson's game whatsoever. It should be further noted that other then the name and some basic statistics that this character is probably completely different then Mark's version.

A blaster pistol (4D, 3-7/50/75, Ammo:100), 2 Grappling hook guns, Macrobinoculars, 2 medpacs, a flight suit and a set of electronic lock picks.

Robin lived the carefree life of a scout traveling the universe until the Empire started clamping down on travel between sectors. She joined the Rebellion as a journey pilot and scout, since then she has went on many missions with a variety of rebel and smuggling groups. She worked alongside Illian Zaxnoran before being assigned to 'The Gang' under the command of General (then Commander) Anthony Wayne. She worked as a republic operative with 'The Gang' until well after the battle of Endor. The last anyone heard of Robin Nash she was on Cloud City and living happily ever after.