Kobe Tenchu

Created by Ian Houlihan and Craig Clayton with art by Mark Hudson

Template-Ex-Imperial Commando
Weight-195 lbs
Age-late 20's
A Quote-"There was a time I lived for the Empire. Now I just live for its destruction".

Blaster 5D, Blaster: Blaster Rifle 5D+2, Dodge 5D, Martial Arts 5D+1, Melee Combat 5D+2, (S) Melee Combat: Vibro-knife 6D+2, Running 4D

Streetwise 5D+2, Survival 5D

Repulsorlift Operation 6D

Command 4D, Hide 5D, Search 4D+1, Sneak 5D+2

Brawling 5D, Climbing/Jumping 4D, Stamina 4D

Demolitions 5D+2, Security 4D

Special Abilities:
Martial Arts Skills: Power Kick (Easy - +2D to damage), Power Punch (Very Easy - +1D to damage), Power Block (successful parry causes STR+1D damage), Weapon Block (Can parry melee weapons without incurring any penalties for not having a melee weapon)

Force Sen.?-No
Force Points-1
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-9

BlasTech DL-18 (Damage 4D), Vibroknife (Damage STR+2D), comlink, Combat Jump Suit (+1D STR vs. physical; +2 STR vs. energy; No DEX penalties)

Kobe was raised by his mother along with his adoptive father on an Imperial Outpost on the planet Alon in the Mortex Sector. He was originally born somewhere in the core worlds, but canít recall exactly where. His mother had told him he had been born on a space station somewhere round Raltiir, but couldnít remember exactly where. His genetic father was an Imperial Captain in charge of a fighter squadron aboard a Victory Class Star Destroyer. He had served with both the New Order and the Old Republic Navy for many years and although he frowned at some of the Empireís tactics, he was loyal and proud to be a servant of the Emperor. Unfortunately he was killed during the subjugation a planet in the Outer-Rim, which was the home of a number of suspect Rebel militants. As a boy, Kobe was raised in the ways of the New Order and swore to uphold the Empires beliefs. These beliefs mainly came from his mother, who was also strongly loyal to her Empire. His adoptive father was also responsible for his loyalty. This came in the form of martial arts training, more particularly in the deadly martial art of Shadow Khan. This, his father hoped, would give him the disciple to become something more, and to help him in later life to serve the Empire.

Kobe joined the Imperial Navy at the age of twenty with the hopes of being a fighter pilot and following in his genetic fatherís footsteps. Unfortunately, Kobe was not cut out to be a pilot, but his combat abilities were recognized by the instructors at the academy. Rather than toss Kobe out, the dean of the academy organized a sub-branch of the Imperial Navy, the Storm Commandoes to approach Kobe and ask if he wanted to join. Knowing the prestige of this position, Kobe agreed and was put through a very difficult testings. Obviously his martial art training from his adoptive father assisted him in his Endeavour and the instructors passed Kobe with flying colors. Soon after, Kobe was enlisted in the Imperial Storm Commandoes training unit.

After a grueling 7 months training, Kobe was enlisted as a Private. His first posting was aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Thunderchild of the Imperial Navy Fleet attached to the Relgim Sector. The unit was designed to carry out assassinations of suspected rebels and also High Ranking Imperials who had fallen out of favor with the Empire.

Kobe was soon promoted up through the ranks because of his abilities and the honor in which he served the Empire which eventuated with him being promoted to the rank of Lieutenant first class at the age of 24. He was shipped around the Outer Rim with the commandoes, occasionally remaining on a planet for months. On was such planet, called Fegu, Kobe met a woman by the name of Elica Szeas. The two soon after fell in love but not before Elica told Kobe she was seeing the local Imperial Lieutenant in charge of the forces on Fegu. Prior to Kobe leaving, Elica broke their friendship off. Devastated, Kobe left Fegu vowing never to return.

As the years past, Kobe learned more and more about the Rebel Alliance and their cause. Soon he began to question everything that he had been ever taught by both the Empire and his parents. His superiors sensed something was wrong with him and decided to test his resolve. Their plan was to send him on his most dangerous mission yet.

His unit, under the command of Captain Terrelius Payne was to travel to the Alon system where they were to eliminate several rebel sympathizers. Kobe was placed as second in command, but already, Kobe was unsure of what was planned. He had not seen his parents for many years. What if they had themselves become Rebels?

Upon arriving at Alon, Kobe instantly realized that lot had changed in his hometown. People he had known were missing, some places, which to him were symbols of the Empire and what it stood for were either gone or destroyed. Was this the actions of the Rebels? Could the Empire be as bad as some were making out?

After making their way to the target point atop one of the taller buildings in the city, the team was told the names of the targets. Kobe fears were suddenly realized. He couldnít believe that one of the targets was his mother. He tried to reason with Captain Payne, but his protests fell on deaf ear. The captain knew that with Kobeís resolve tested and found to be a failure, he was a liability to the team. Consequently, Captain Payne ordered that Kobe be detained.

As his team members moved into disarm him, Kobe acted by drawing his weapon and firing. In what seemed to Kobe to be hours, he cut down three of his fellow operatives in a hail of blaster blasts and leapt from the building to his freedom. Luckily Kobe was equipped with a grappling hook and cable gun. While falling he managed to snare the side of the building and escaped by smashing through an office apartment.

After escaping the building, a running battle erupted as Kobe fled through the darkened streets. After a short time, his pursuers called off the chase, but not before Kobe was near seriously injured. After giving himself time to recover, he slowly made his way back to his former home to search for his mother. Unfortunately, his superior officer made a tactical decision and waited in ambush for Kobeís return. He was knocked unconscious, and disarmed. After coming to, Captain Payne informed Kobe that he would be transported back to the Star Destroyer Colossus where he would be imprisoned. He was further informed that he then stand trial for high treason and murder of Imperial personnel. Charges that Kobe knew would only result in his death.

It was at this point, that Kobe lost all faith in everything that he believed and made a vow to himself that he would somehow escape from his predicament and find his mother. He also vowed to spend he rest of his life fighting the Empire and everything they stood for, even if he had to do it by himself.

Kobe was soon after transported to the Star Destroyer Collosus which was on joint maneuvers prior to returning to Vakkar, the capital of the Fakir Sector, and home to the Grand Moff in charge of the region. Whilst travelling to Vakkar, the Star Destroyer was forced to drop out of hyperspace. Its systems went down, and Kobe found that the cell door was unlocked. He did not know how, or why, but he knew his escape was assured.

Having some knowledge of star fighters and space transports, Kobe started making his way to the hanger. It was here that he met up with a strange bunch of individuals made up of a Bounty Hunter, a smuggler, a young woman and a kind natured rouge. He agreed to help them providing they could give him transport off the Star Destroyer and to somewhere of safety. Reluctantly, they agreed and after a short battle with Imperial Stormtroopers, they arrived in the main hanger.

Kobe has no love for the Empire after realizing the treacherous nature of Empire. Kobe's only problem now is to work out where he stands in the galaxy. It was here that he realized that his and his newly made friendís escape came in the form of inside help. The person who appeared before them was an Imperial Officer with a face hidden behind a special electronic counter measure Kobe was familiar with Ė a Dim-Sim. This device shrouded the officerís face in a holographic faceplate.

The officer directed the team to the capital of Fakir, Vakkar where they were to rescue a retired Imperial Admiral who had information regarding a new special project within the Empire called the Tarkin.

Kobe showed his true colors during this mission, assisting Thermal Force to eliminate a group of Imperial Commandos. Since that time, Kobe has proved to be a great asset having been specially trained in Imperial procedures, and how to survive in cultures and societies within the Klentilior Over-Sector.

Although accepted into the ranks of Thermal Force, it is unknown if he can be trusted, although Kobe has done nothing to raise the suspicions of Thermal Force.