Jovan Farstrider

Created by Ian Houlihan and James Martin with art by Mark Hudson

Template-Failed Jedi
Weight-185 lbs
Age-Early 30's
A Quote-"Life's pain. Get used to it kid."

Blaster 4D+2, Dodge 4D+1, Running 3D+1, Lightsaber 5D

Bureaucracy: Coruscant Library 4D+1, Language 4D, (S) Scholar: Jedi Lore 4D,
(S) Scholar: Ancient Artifacts 4D+1
, Willpower 4D

Astrogation 2D+2, Space Transports 3D+1, Starship Gunnery 2D+1

Bargain 4D, Persuasion 3D+2, Sneak 4D+1

Climbing/Jumping 3D

First Aid 2D+2, Lightsaber Repair 3D+2

Special Abilities:
Force abilities:
Control: 4D
Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Concentration, Control Pain, Enhance Attribute, Remain Conscious, Detoxify Poison

Sense: 3D+2
Life Detection, Life Sense, Danger Sense, Combat Sense, Sense Force, Receptive Telepathy

Alter: 2D+2

Control + Sense:
Lightsaber Combat, Farseeing

Control + Alter:
Return Another to Consciousness

Control + Sense + Alter:
Affect Mind

Force Sen.?-Yes
Force Points: 5
Character Points: 8
Dark Side Points: 1

Lightsaber, robes, bottle of liquor, 250 credits, med-pack, and a notepad full of memories

For many years, members of Jovan’s family had worked as curators in one of the many great museums of Coruscant. Unlike many other museums, this one was dedicated to the exploits of the Jedi over the thousands of years of recorded history.

Being located so close to the great Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Jovan’s ability with the force was identified early and he was quickly enrolled as a Padawan learner at the Temple. During this early training, Jovan was drawn almost instinctively to the heroic and romantic stories and deeds that were stored in these libraries. Whenever Jovan wasn’t busy with the daily training Padawan’s undertook, he could be found scouring the libraries for new stories and records to devour.

As part of that training, Jovan, at the age of 12, was apprenticed to the Jedi Master Romark Lanth. Part of Master Lanth’s duties frequently took him to the Jedi Training centre on the planet Umbria. It was here that Jovan spent large periods of time under the tutelage of Master Lanth, expanding his training while frequently corresponding with his family back home.

For the next few years, Jovan studied and worked hard at his task. With few opportunities to visit his home, Jovan began to close on the goal of becoming a Jedi. With his goal near completion, Jovan left Umbria, with only his Master's knowledge and returned to Coruscant for what he believed would be his final visit before becoming a Jedi Knight. He was scarcely there two days, when he became stuck in the middle of the beginnings of Palpatine's Jedi Purge.

In the dead of night, and without warning, a squadron of Imperial Stormtroopers, led by a Dark Jedi Adept, Tambem Caído descended upon the museum intending to seize all it contained for Palpatine, and destroy that which he did not want. Jovan's family naturally fought back to save their life's work. Sensing his ability, the Dark Jedi Adept closed in upon Jovan and they became embroiled in combat. Fighting for his own life, Jovan could only watch helplessly as the Stormtroopers opened fire and began mercilessly striking down Jovan's Father and Grandfather. Overcome with grief at this loss, and believing that all his training was useless to save those who meant the most to him, Jovan gave into his rage, striking out at all those remaining in the room. When the smoke and dust had cleared, Jovan could not believe what he had done. Scattered throughout the complex along with the lifeless bodies of his family, were the bodies of 30 Imperials, and the scorched arm of his Dark Side opponent. Suddenly, Jovan realized that his anger had contributed to their deaths.

Overcome with grief and anguish due to both his loss and the betrayal of all that he had been taught, Jovan fled in panic from the museum into the bowels of Coruscant. Hiding from the Imperials, Jovan somehow managed to make his way off Coruscant through a combination of luck and desperation, and disappeared into the proverbial shadows of the galaxy.

Hopping from transport to transport, he roamed the galaxy; never stopping anywhere for longer than it took to gather enough credits to get away from that planet. Two years after the incident, the transport he was travelling on was forced off course by a malfunction, and landed, by sheer luck, on the planet Umbria. Recognizing that this was the same place as where he had trained, Jovan tried to locate the training complex. When he returned to where the sprawling campus he knew once stood, he discovered mile after mile of scorched and scared rock. With a yearning for wanting to know what had happened to his master and friends, Jovan spoke with locals who informed him that almost two years ago, the Empire arrived in the system, and razed the facility by orbital bombardment.

With his last link to his past obliterated, Jovan staggered away from that planet to continue his endless wandering throughout the galaxy.