Jezzail Bryant

created by Mark Hudson and the mysterious Pipecutter.

Template- Mandalorian Bounty Hunter
Species-Mandalorian (Human)
Weight-135 lbs
A Quote: No, you really don't want to do that.

Blaster:7D, Dodge:6D, Melee Combat:5D, Thrown Weapons:5D, Vehicle Blasters:5D, Grenade 5D

Intimidation:4D+2, Law-Enforcement:4D, Planetary Systems:4D, Streetwise:4D+2, Survival:4D

Beast Riding, Jet Pack ops., Repulsor Ops., Sensors:4D+2, Space Transports Piloting:5D, Starship Gunnery:4D+2, Swoop Ops.

Bargain:3D+2, Con:4D, Forgery:4D, Hide:4D, Persuasion:3D+2, Search:4D, Sneak:6D, Bribery:3D+2, Interrogation:5D+2

Stamina:4D+2, Brawling:5D+2

Armor Repair:3D, (SP) Mandalorian Armor:5D, Demolitions3D+1, First Aid:5D, Security:4D+2

Force Sen.?-No
Force Points-1
Darkside Points-1
Character Points-2

**Note that these are the stats for Jezzail Bryant in the Mutt Squad game and that neither the stats, nor anything that she's done here have any influence on Mark Hudson's game whatsoever. It should be further noted that other then the name and some basic statistics that this character is probably completely different then Mark's version.

A Blaster Rifle (5D, 3-30/100/300, Ammo:100), A heavy blaster pistol (5D, 3-7/25/50, Ammo:25), a hold-out blaster(3D, 3-4/8/12, Ammo:6) and 2 knives (Str+1D, 2-3/5/10) as well as a suit of 3rd generation Mandalorian armor with helmet (+2D+2 Vs. Physical and Energy), 2 Medpacs, 1000 credits

Jezzail Bryant is a complete mystery, even to her friends. What little is known about her isn't much and is open to speculation. She appears to be Mandalorian or is somehow connected to the Mandalorians as she has a suit of their armor. She also has some sort of unspoken connection to Boba Fett, although what that could be isn't known. She worked as a republic operative with 'The Gang' until well after the battle of Endor. Rumor has it that she is working alongside a Mandalorian peace bondsman named Kendo Fett, although no one can confirm that rumor.