Lt. Corran Horn

Stats and History by Brian White

Template-X-Wing Pilot/Jedi Adapt.
Weight-175 lbs
A Quote-I've seen worse then that.
Note: the Stats here are for Corran Horn early in his career with Rogue Squadron.

Blaster:6D, Brawling parry:5D+2, Dodge:5D+2, Melee combat:4D+2, Melee parry:4D, Lightsaber:5D

Bureaucracy:3D SP:Imperial:6D, Law enforcement:5D, SP:CorSec:6D+2, Planetary systems:6D, Streetwise:7D, Value:5D, Willpower:5D+2

Astrogation:6D+1, Communications:4D+2, Repulsorlift ops.:5D+2, Sensors 5D, Starfighter piloting:8D SP:X-wing:8D+2, Starship gunnery:6D+1, Starship shields:6D

Command:4D+2, Con:5D, Forgery:4D, Investigation:5D+1, Persuasion:4D+2, Search:6D, Sneak:6D+1

Brawling:5D, Climbing/jumping:5D+1, Stamina:5D

Computer programming/repair:4D, Droid programming/repair:6D, First aid:4D+2, Security:6D+2, Starfighter repair:5D+1, Lightsaber repair:3D+2

Special Abilities:
Force Powers-
Accelerate Healing, Absorb / Dissipate Energy

Life Sense, Receptive Telepathy, Magnify Senses, Danger Sense,


Lightsaber Combat

Force Adept: Corran gets +2D to the use of Absorb/Dissipate Energy and -2D to the use of Telekinesis. Corran learns the Force power Absorb/Dissipate Energy at half the normal cost and time. Alternately, he learns the power Telekinesis at twice the normal cost and time.

Force Sen.?-No
Force Points-7
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-15

Lightsaber (silver), Blaster pistol (4D), sealed flight suit, comlink, white and green X-wing, R2 unit "Whistler".

Grew up on Corellia the son of famous CorSec officer Hal Horn. As a result of his father he grew to dislike crime and criminals of all kinds. He became a CorSec officer and until his father's death at the hands of a bounty hunter worked with him to capture many criminals in the Corellian sector. He also became quite a proficient pilot using his CorSec-provided X-wing. During a routine kidnapping case Corran met several members of Rogue Squadron who helped him solve it. Not long afterward, he was framed by his superior Kirtan Loor and fled in the same X-wing with his droid Whistler. He joined the Rogues and soon found out his grandfather had been a Jedi Knight and inherited his lightsaber. After the Zsinj battles he moved to the rank of Captain.