Ace Knight

Created by Ian Houlihan and Peter Pfeffer with art by Mark Hudson

Weight-180 lbs
Age-late 20's
A Quote-"A SoroSuub always beats a straight Sabacc."

Blaster 4D+2, Blaster: Blaster Pistol 5D, Dodge 5D, Melee Combat 4D+2, Melee Combat: Vibro-Rapier 5D+1, Simultaneous Attack 4D+1, Simultaneous Attack: Blaster with Blaster 5D

Business 5D, Languages 5D, Streetwise 5D, Value 5D, Tactics: Mission Groups 5D

Repulsorlift Operation 3D+1

Bargain 5D, Con 4D+1, Forgery 4D+1, Gambling 5D, Gambling: Sabacc 6D, Persuasion 5D, Persuasion: Seduction 6D, Command 5D

Brawling 3D+2

First Aid 3D, Security 3D

Special Abilities:
Ambidextrous: Ace has the ability to use tools or weapons in either or both hands without penalty.

Force Sen.?-No
Force Points-3
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-8

Stylish clothes, various jewelry, two gold-plated BlasTech DL-19AAs (4D damage), Quick Draw Holster (+2D), 1 x Vibro-rapier, Over 1000 credits, Sabbaac deck, Sabacc Deck Randomiser (+1D to Gambling), Data pad with rules for over 2,000 games of chance

Born Baron Walstone Renny Nightenbourgh Jaset III, the next heir to the position of High Lord to the House Melantha. He was born into the Noble House on the planet Soterios. The Baronís family contains himself, his promiscuous father High Lord Bal Thorin Jaset, and a younger sister Lady Divena Jaset (Di for short). The Nightenbourgh family has been one of the highest noble families on Soterios for many centuries, and was consequently a member of the House Melantha.

Baron Walstone was being groomed for the head of the family from birth. His entire life was very regimented. Everything had a certain time and place. This really irked young Baron Walstone who had a creative flair for trouble. Most of the trouble occurred when the young Baron would sneak out of the Royal castle and meet several of the common folk, especially the women. It was common knowledge around the castle that the young Baron had a roving eye for the ladies, and certainly knew how to use his charms on them. As word soon passed around the family home, the young Baronís father decided to remove him from the family home. As a result, the young Baron was shipped off to military school, where he learnt the finer points of being an Imperial Officer. After a few years as a Lieutenant in the Imperial Army, the young Baron was sent back to his homeworld for further study from his father. The young Baron had seen atrocity after atrocity committed by the Empire. He secretly despised them, and all those who supported their cause.

After a time the young Baron was given a position, at the rank of Captain is his fatherís advisory group. The position he inherited was nothing more than a glorified clerk. Most of the work was performed by droids and as a result, he did nothing but look from the high offices across his home city. His father told him that he would remain in this role until he was ready to become head of the House. He hated having the easy life and hated having his life controlled by his father. There was no challenge to his life. At a snap of his fingers or a quick command, he could get just about anything he desired. He knew that he would never be called upon again by the military as his father had complete control over his life and so the young Baron continued his life as the womanising fop.

Finally on his 23nd birthday the young Baron was introduced to a young noble by the name of Lady Varin Arabella, who was the head of House Barnaba. It was here that the young Baron found his first true love. After meeting her, the young Baron would dream of courting the young noble woman in a way quite unlike the methods that he had used to bed the many other women from the common folk during his late night rendezvous. But all of his dreams were shattered when he overheard two of his fatherís Royal Advisors speaking about an arranged marriage. As he listened on, he found they were talking about him and the Lady Arabella. He also heard that the arrangement was organised by his father, Lord Bal Jaset, to strengthen the ties between the two houses. Again the young Baronís father had taken control of his life.

The wedding was arranged to be just after the young Baronís 24th birthday. As the Baron had secretly despised the House his family belonged to, because of its links to the Empire, a few weeks prior to the wedding, he arranged a meeting with Lady Arabella on her home planet of Barnaba. There, he explained his feelings for her and his House. He also explained his views of what would become of the sector if the merging were to occur. Lady Arabella agreed that the merging of the two houses would have a positive and negative effect on the region. In the positive, the merging would strengthen both houses. On the negative, the merging would also strengthen the Empireís hold on the Sector. Having a similar view on the Empire, the two agreed that one should flee the sector.

It was agreed that Lady Arabella could not leave due to the importance of her position, as she was the High Lady within the house. After one last night together, the young Baron Walstone fled the sector to travel into the Outer Rim Territories. It was here that the young Baron took on the persona of Ace Knight. A good friend, Captain Thaduin Okona, assisted his escape. Whilst on the run, the two worked, gambled, caroused and skylarked together, hitting the high-life whenever they could. But the two were always looking over their shoulder.

Since the Captain had left a number of unpaid debts behind in the Core Worlds, and the Baron was on the run from his family, both were always cautious of the various trackers and bounty hunters who were eager to cash in on their bounties. About 6 months ago, the two came to grief when an Imperial Customs Frigate in the Fakir Sector impounded Okonaís ship, the Erst While. It was here that the two went their separate ways. The young Baron, while with Captain Okona, had discovered a flair for gambling. Still with a large amount of credits in a hidden account, the Baron kept travelling the Fakir Sector, journeying to every gambling house that could be found. During one of these stopovers on the criminal world of Arcan IV, he met up with a group of unlikely heroes Ė Thermal Force. Soon after, Ace joined the members of Thermal Force after following the group a little too closely. Ace took part in many a mission, some sanctioned by the Rebellion, while others were because of a young woman named Tanlee who had captured the young Baronís eye. During one of these missions, Thermal Force managed to get sent back in time 500 years. It was here fighting the Dark Side Adept Nar Tomarr that Ace lost his arm to one of Tomarrís Dark Side Beasts. The medic Kaharaa, the Wookiee medic in Thermal Force was unable to reconnect his arm, which had been tainted by the dark side. After returning to real time ace had his arm replaced with a cybernetic one.

After working with the members of Thermal Force for some time, it was discovered that Ace had a mysterious past where he was found to be the son of a prominent Imperial. It was also discovered that he had been a member of the Imperial Military. He was soon questioned, and with the backing of the members of Thermal Force, he was found to be heavily pro-Rebellion, and because of his qualifications, was sent to officer training.He was later assigned to a different mission group upon his request, as he knew at that time that Tanlee was too intent on her training to be a Jedi. It was during the mission groupís first mission that he became stranded on a Rebel Safe world. Working with the remaining members of his team, and a number of mercenaries who had been imprisoned on the same world (including Jodo Kast), Ace managed to send a message to Masterhome. Soon after, the members of Dragon Squadron came to the rescue. Upon escaping the planet, after loosing Jodo Kast, Ace was taken to Masterhome where he was soon after re-united with Thermal Force. General Romilar has since given Ace command of Thermal Force.