Xam Jalba

created by Keith Kilburn

Template-Genetically engineered Imperial assassin
Weight-120 lbs
A Quote-Oops I did it again (after hitting the thug a second time.)

Blaster: 7D+2, Brawling Parry: 6D+2, Brawling Parry: Venudian Aikido: 7D+2, Dodge: 7D+2, Melee combat: 6D+2, Melee Combat: Escrima: 9D, Melee Combat: K-Bar:8D+1, Melee Parry: 5D+2, Melee Parry: Escrima: 9D, Melee Combat: K-Bar: 8D+1, Pick Pockets:5D, Running: 6D

Intimidation:6D+2, Streetwise:5D+2, Languages:4D, Languages: Terran: 5D, Survival:4D, Law-Enforcement: 5D+2

Sensors: 3D+2, Starship Gunnery: 4D+1, Repulsorlift Ops.: 5D, Space Transports: 5D+2, Starship Shields: 5D, Ground Vehicle Ops.: 5D

Hid: 5D+2, Search: 6D+2, Sneak: 7D+2, Con: 5D+2, Willpower: 5D+2

Climb/Jump:7D, Stamina:5D+2, Swimming:5D+2, Lifting: 7D+2, Brawling: 6D+2, Brawling: Noghri Martial Arts: 8D+2, Brawling:: Venudian Aikido: 7D+1

Blaster Repair: 4D+2, Demolitions: 5D+2, First Aid: 5D, Security: 5D+2, Starship Repair: 4D+2

Force Sen.?-Yes
Force Points-2
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-6

Special Abilities:
Telescopic vision/night sight: +1D to all search rolls, Enhanced Hearing: +1D to Perception and listening rolls., May make two strength rolls a day to heal, but after taking more than a wound level in damage Xam must take a dose of Trytophon to offset tremors and her genetically engineered bodies abnormalities while she heals.

Clothes, Food Rations, Trytophon (10 Doses), Headset comlink, (2) Blaster Pistols: 4D, 3-10/30/100, Ammo:100, Collapsible Slug thrower Rifle: 3D+2, 2-50/150/350, Ammo:10, 2 clips for each, (2) Military Knives: K-Bar: Str+1D+1, Diff: Easy, (2) Escrima: Str+1D+2, Diff: 15

Xam Jalba or rather Designate #235 was created in a genetics lab deep in the heart of Coruscant by Kimeno Cloners using Genetic material supplied by Imperial officers. In fact her Genetic make up comes from Princess Leia Organa (who was subjected to all manners of torture during her stay on the Deathstar) and the Sith Knight Darth Bane (A.K.A. Otas Sands or Tak.) She was part of a clandestine project that was used to create genetically superior super solders for the Empire using the best Genetic material supplied by their commanding officers as well as superior genetic manipulation and military training. Xam and twenty-four other Designates escaped the facility they were held out and made their way to the surface of Coruscant where they scattered like Tooch bugs from the light of day.

Xam found out that the universe was almost as scary as the Griffen Project facility she had escaped from. Somehow she managed to survive on her own before her run in with members of the Mutt Squad. She walked into the Corellian eatery that they frequented and almost managed to escape with the contents of a tip jar but was caught by Drex Marr. She bolted and he followed after her managing to get close enough to snatch her jacket off, he traded her the jacket for the tip jar money slipping some credits into her pocket before the exchange. Xam bolted when the rest of his comrades showed up, but was intrigued by the group as they reminded her of the close knit bond she had with the other designates she escaped with. Xam found the Nebula and stowed away on the ship, living in one of the spare rooms and only venturing out when no one was awake. She would have gotten away with it if not for someone noticing the previsions running low in certain areas.

A search of the ship revealed she was onboard, when cornered Xam was wrestled to the ground cuffed by Kindo Fett who had every intention of spacing her. She dislocated her shoulder and had beaten him unconscious through Mandalorian armor before she was again subdued. A scan from a medical droid revealed that while she was human, she was genetically modified and it was then that Captain Goss recognized the odd tattoo on the nape of her neck as marking her as one of the Griffen Project designates. Goss dropped her off on the nearest planet turning her over to the local authorities, he would have left her there if they hadn't told him that she had a 5000 credit bounty on her head for Shoplifting, an anonymous bounty taken out on Coruscant.

To Goss it smelled like the Empire and he paid her fines with the locals and had her released, Xam showed up back at Goss's ship later and offered her services as a cook to get off planet. Goss took her in and they left the planet one step ahead of Imperial bounty hunters looking for Xam. Xam stayed on with the crew of the Nebula until Goss parted company with the Mutt Squad. She and Ash admitted a mutual attraction to one another and from that the two of them began a fiery relationship.

Xam traveled with the Mutt Squad and helped out on many assignments before finding out how to decode the genetic information in the barcode on her neck. It was through the decoded information that she found out that she was genetically related to both the Skywalker family and to Caballa family, two of the most power force baring families in all the universe. The information was passed along to Luke Skywalker who broached the subject with his sister. Rather than there being an explosive confrontation about the matter or some form of rejection over the information Leia Organa-Solo accepted Xam into the family with open arms.

Han of course had no real say in the matter and his only advice to Ash was to 'Let the Organa woman win.'

Now armed with a family Xam and the Mutt Squad went after the Empire for the Griffen project only to find out that in the years since her escape, the project had continued and had further evolved. This plan get derailed when her cousin Kae' Caballa was attacked by a mysterious being claiming to be the personification of the darkside of the force, Xam attempted to stop the attack and was very nearly killed with Force Lightning from the creature. Even though the creature was defeated Xam was hospitalized and placed in a bacta tank with little chance of survival.

Under the nose of the Republic special forces and the Mutt Squad itself the Griffen Project retrieved Xam and left in her place a short lived clone that expired from its wounds after a short period. The slip up in the plan came with a last minute replacement of the doctor that had been overseeing the treatment. Once Ash caught wind of something that didn't seem right an autopsy was preformed and it revealed the truth behind the corpse. The doctor attempted to escape only to be caught and questioned at great length by Spec Forces on Ash's behalf.

An attempt was made on the Doctor's life and with the timely intervention of the squad he was saved and revealed the location of the new Griffen project training facility on Maltus-5. The squad traveled there and infiltrated the base along with the other Designates who had begun to show up once the news of Xam's 'death' began to spread. What they found in the base wasn't fully grown adult solders, but instead the solders were children no more then ten years old and trained in various forms of combat. These kids were stronger, faster and meaner then the X-23 line of solders. Worse yet they operated on some sort of hive mind wave length that allowed them to see right through the disguises of the Mutt Squad.

It was an all out war to retrieve Xam from the clutches of the Empire and to break their conditioning of her, in the end many of her fellow designates were lost and the facility was destroyed. Xam came home to the republic and eventually she married Ash, rumor has it they are presently roaming the universe taking in the sites living happily ever after.