created by Alan Woods

Template-Wookie Bounty Hunter
A Quote-AAARRRGGG? Wookie for "where's my money?"

Blaster:6D, (S) Heavy Blaster:7D, (S) Hold-out Blaster: 7D, (S) Blaster Rifle:7D, Dodge:4D+2, Melee Combat:4D+2, Melee Parry:4D+2, Thrown Weapons:4D+2, Vehicle Blasters:4D+2

Intimidation:3D, Law Enforcement:3D, Planetary Systems:3D, Streetwise:3D, Survival:3D

Beast Riding:4D, Jet Pack Opps.:4D, Repulsorlift Opps.:4D, Sensors:4D, Space Transports:5D, Swoop Opps.:4D, Astrogation:4D, Starship Gunnery:4D

Bargain:3D+1, Con:3D+1, Forgery:3D+1, Hide:3D+1, Persuasion:3D+1, Search:5D+2, Sneak:5D

Brawling:7D, Climb/Jump:7D, Lifting:7D, Stamina:7D, Swimming:7D

Armor Repair:3D, Blaster Repair:3D, Demolitions:3D, Security:4D

Special Abilities:
Berserker Rage-Gives +2D to Str (you know the rules)
Climbing Claws-Gives +2D to climbing when used (you know these rules too)

Force Sen. ?-Yes
Force Points-2
Darkside Points-1
Character Points-4

Heavy Blaster (5D, 3-7/25/50, ammo:25), Hold-out Blaster (3D+2, 3-4/8/12,ammo:6), Blaster Rifle (5D,3-30/100/300), 2 Knives (Str+1), Thermal Detonator (10D/8D/5D/2D, 0-2/8/12/20)

The Wookie that would come to be known as 'Wook' was born on the Wookie homeworld and was somehow taken from his parents after his birth, the circumstances surrounding his separation are not known. Wook was supposedly adopted by a bounty hunter who raised him as his son and the young Wookie was trained from childhood to be merciless when pursuing his prey. It is believed that the Bounty Hunter was killed during a hunt and Wook was left on his own. It was during a stop at 'The Wheel' that Wook had a run in with members of the Mutt Squad and would join them on their adventures. Wook operated with the group for a time before attempting to turn them over to Ganis the Hutt for reasons known only to himself, the plan backfired when the plot was discovered by the R2 unit aboard the Centennial Hawk who disarmed the Hyperdrive trap that would allow Wook to deliver the Mutt Squad straight to Ganis. Wook arrived at the meeting place and found no Mutt Squad, but a VERY angry Ganis and friends. Wook ran and while his ship was badly damaged he did manage to escape.

Wook disappeared from the lives of the Mutt Squad and wouldn't be seen again until almost two years later. It was on Yazar-5 that Wook was revealed to have been part of a slaving operation lead by Jyve Olsmadahl and his pirating operation. Tipped off by Kabarra The Mutt Squad arrived and began taking apart Jyve's operation and it was during the ground assault that Kryzah and Wook had their final confrontation. Wook was killed by Kryzah after an epic fight to the death.