Tu Qui'Tanis

created by Owen 'Big O' Barron

A Quote-Imperials...Where?

Archaic Weapons, Blaster:10D, Dodge:5D, Grenade:4D, Melee Combat:6D, Melee Parry:6D, Vehicle Blasters:5D, Brawling Parry:6D+1, Running:5D

Alien Species:2D+2, Bureaucracy, Planetary Systems:2D+2, Survival, Value, Languages:3D+2, (S) Terran:5D, Streetwise:3D

Astrogation:3D+1, Repulsorlift Opps.:3D, Space Transports:3D+1, Starship Gunnery:3D, Starship Shields:3D, Power suit ops:6D, Sensors:3D

Bargain, Hide:5D, Con:5D, Search:5D, Sneak:5D

Brawling:6D+1, Lifting:5D, Stamina, Swimming, Climb/Jump.

Computer Program/Repair:3D+1, Starship Repair:3D, Droid Program/Repair:4D+1, Power suit Repair:4D, Blaster Repair:4D, Starship Gunnery Rep:3D, Starship Shield Rep:3D

Force Sen ?-No
Force Points-2
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-2
Move-On Land:10/12, in water:8/10.

Hvy. Blaster Pistol, 4 Grenades, Vibro-blade, Power Suit Armor:+3D to Physical, +2D to Energy; -1D+2 to Dex Skills: Power Suit Claws:6D Damage and Fire linked E-Web Cannon w/portable generator (8D, 3-75/200/500)

The story of Tu Qui'Tanis is lost to the sands of time. rumor has it that his family was slain by Imperials on an Nautolan colony world although no one can confirm that story. There are many stories about Tu, in some it is his wife and child that died and in still others it ishis sister who was slain by gangsters. The truth of the matter is that he rarely talks about his past and seems to be haunted by the memory of the things that he has done. Alcohol and violence are his friends, close friends indeed.

Tu joined up with the Mutt Squad after being transfered out of his original squad, Commander Wayne thought it might help if he were around people that could help control his temper. Why he put him with the Mutt Squad is anyone's guess. Tu traveled with the group off and on even going so far as to help them stave off an Imperial invasion of Earth.

The last anyone saw Tu he'd left the republic for Imperial space with the intention of killing anyone and everyone he could lay hands to...Or so the story goes.