Tinian I'att

created by Kathy Tyers of the Star Wars Adventure Journals

Template-Young Heiress
Weight-120 lbs.
DOB-9 years B-ANH
A Quote-With enough detonite, I could blow that ship's hull!

Blaster:4D, (S) Hold-out Blaster:6D+2, Dodge:5D+1, Grenade:4D+1, Running:5D, Brawling Parry:4D

Alien Species:5D, Bureacracy:5D+2, Business:6D, Streetwise:4D, Survival:4D, Value:4D+2, Languages:5D, (S) Wookie:6D+1, Scholar:4D, (S) Brak Sector:4D, (S) Corporate Sector:4D, (S) ElRood Sector:4D, Willpower:5D, Intimidation 3D+1

Starship Piloting:5D, (S) X-wing Piloting:6D+1, Starship Gunnery:5D+2, Starship Shields:5D+1, Astrogation:4D+1, Sensors:4D+1, Ground Vehicle Opps.:3D+1

Bargain:6D, Command:6D+1, Con:5D, Hide:4D+2, Persuasion:6D, Search:6D, Sneak:5D

Climb/Jump:4D, Stamina:4D, Brawling:5D, Swimming:2D+1

Computer Program/Repair:5D+1, Droid Program/Repair:5D, Demolitions:8D, Security:6D, Starship Repair:5D, Ground Vehicle Repair:4D+1, Armor Repair:5D, First Aid 4D+1

Special Abilities:
Demolition Skill-Due to Tinian's childhood and upbringing , she gains +1D to all rolls having anything to do with Demolitions

Force Sen. ?-No
Force Points-4
Darkside Points-0
Character points-8

Hold-out Blaster (3D+1, 3-4/8/12, Ammo-6), Blast vest (+1D to phy., +1 pip to ene.), 800 credits, 2 R/C Detonators (50 km range), 4 Pouches of Detonite (1D Speeder scale damage per pouch, 1 meters blast radius), Glowrod, Mouse Droid, Computer Slicing Equipment


Seventeen-year-old Tinian fled the industrial world of Druckenwell, where the Empire took over her grandparents armament factory. Killed in the take over were both her grandparents, her beloved Wookie bodyguard Wrrl and, so she believed, her fiancÚ Daye Azur-Jamin. Tinian has turned cold, her ability to open herself up to others as she did with Daye is gone. She considered herself to be completely alone in the galaxy. Overshadowed by her grief to care about nothing Tinian insisted that she would just as soon die as live, but before she died she wanted to hurt the Empire as much as possible and as badly as possible.

She channeled that revenge into attempting to become a bounty hunter with the Wookie bounty hunter Chenlambec. Although Tinian frequently lapsed into her cold feelings that Chen often attempted to veer her towards a more positive outlook. Almost six months after the takeover of I'att Industries Chenlambec finally got Tinian to agree to take the the circuit boards for the personal shield generator to the new Republic. Tragedy struck when Chenlambec and the Republic contacts sent to meet them were slain as well as the Empire attempted to stop the exchange. Tinian destroyed the circuit boards while on the run and attempted to make contact with the Republic once more. This time members of the Mutt Squad were sent in to retrieve her, Tinian was gotten off Garos IV with the help of Alex Winger. During her flight from Garos IV Tinian decided that she didn't want the Shield generator in the wrong hands and asked that Stromgald Caballa use the Jedi mind trick to remove the knowledge from her mind. Stromgald didn't believe himself to be strong enough and recommended that she go to Luke Skywalker, she did and the knowledge was taken from her mind.

Tinian having no where else to go, stayed with the Mutt Squad, eventually opening up and becoming close friends with Kryzah, Akiva Rostoni and the rest of the squad. Tinian adventured with them and came to think of Kryzah and Kabarra as family and the feeling was mutual as well from the two Wookies. When Tommy was brought into the group she thought of him as the little brother she had always wanted and the two became close while the Mutt Squad was lost in an unknown region of space. Tinian matured from a teenager into an adult, through the Wookie known as Wook she discovered that Daye was alive and almost lost him all over again when the renegade Wookie bounty hunter attempted to turn them all over to a Hutt that the Mutt Squad had ran afoul. Reunited with Daye, Tinian and he began trying to figure out how best to get I'att Industries back from Tinian's cousin Traven, who had been appointed to be the new head of I'att Industries by the now controlling Empire.

Tinian and Daye eventually married in a lavish ceremony, the two of them retired from the adventurers life and opened an armament factory of their own supplying the Republic with excellent weapons for a good price and Tinian even agreed to put the Shield generator out, but only after she and Daye make it tamper proof so that it can't be broken down and examined. They eventually left the Armament field, Tinian played aunt to Raven as she never quiet decided on where she was going with her life. Daye eventually went to Jedi Academy and is studying to become a Jedi.