Shrii Sankara Davi Dasi

created by Seth J. Walker.

Template-Sector Ranger
Weight-300 lbs
DOB-70 years ABY
A Quote-Hrmmm, exactly how does this AT-ST work?

Acrobatics:6D+1, Blaster:5D, Dodge:5D, Grenade:5D, Melee Combat:5D+1, Missile weapons:5D

Alien Species:3D, Bureaucracy:3D, Intimidation:3D, Languages:4D, Law-Enforcement:3D, Planetary Systems:3D, Streetwise:3D, Survival:3D

Communications:3D, (SP) Communications: Imperial Codes: 3D, Repulsorlift Ops: 3D, Starship Gunnery:5D, Walker Ops:3D

Bargain:4D+1, Con:4D+1, Investigation:4D+1, Persuasion:4D+1, Search:4D+1, Sneak:4D+1

Brawling:9D, Climb/jump:8D, Lifting, Stamina

Comp. Prog./Rep.:3D, Demolitions:3D, First Aid:4D, Security:3D

Special Skills:
Strength Skills:
Acrobatics: Time to use: One round. This is the skill of tumbling, jumping and other complex movements. This skill is often used in sports and athletic competitions, or as part of dance. Characters making acrobatics rolls can also reduce falling damage. The difficulty is based on the distance fallen.

Distance Fallen Difficulty Reduce Damage By:

3 - 6 Very Easy -2D
7 - 8 Easy -2D+2
9 - 12 Moderate -3D
13 - 15 Difficult -3D+2
16+ Very Difficult -4D

Special Abilities:
Prehensile Tail: Trianii have limited use of their tails They have enough control to move light objects (under three kilograms) , but the control is not fine enough to move heavier objects or perform fine manipulation (for example, aim a weapon).

Special Balance: +2D to all actions involving climbing, jumping, acrobatics or other actions requiring balance.

Claws: add+1D to brawling damage.

Dexterous: At the time of character creation, Trianii get +2D bonus skill dice to add to Dexterity skills.

Female Physical Superiority: After allocating attribute dice, female Trianii characters get to add +1 to their Dexterity and Strength at the time of character creation.

Force Sen.?-Yes
Force Points-4
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-15
Move-14 / 17

Heavy Blaster Pistol (5D, 3-7/25/50), Vibro-Knife (Str+3D, Diff-15), Vibro rapier, Chreshaldyne riot armor (+2D to phy., +1D to ene., no Dex penalty) with a motion sensor array, Comlink, 2500 credits, Holo-recording Macro-binoculars (+2D to medium and long range searches)., Verti-go line thrower

Coming soon.