Viktoria (Viper) Sandes

Created by Harold Bates

Template- Brash Pilot
Weight-140 lbs
A Quote- I never fly faster than I can see...

Dexterity: 3D
Firearms: 4D+1, Dodge, 4D+1, Melee, Running: 3D+1, Blaster: 4D

Knowledge: 2D
Intimidation:, Languages: 2D+1, Planetary Systems: 3D+2, Streetwise:, Survival:, Value:, Jedi Lore: 2D+1

Mechanical: 4D
Astrogation: 6D, Beast Riding: 4D+1, Comms/Sensors: 5D+2, Repulsorlift ops.: 5D, Starship Piloting: 7D, Walker Operations: 4D,  Starship Shields: 4D+1, Starship Gunnery: 5D+1, Starfighter piloting: 5D+1, Capital Ship Piloting: 4D

Perception: 3D
Bargain: 3D+2, Hide:, Persuasion:, Sneak: 4D, Search: 3D+1, Con: 3D+2, Command: 3D+1

Strength: 3D
Brawling:, Swimming:, Stamina:

Technical: 3D
Computer Prog. / Repair: 3D+1, Droid Prog. / Repair:, Firearms Repair:, Security:, Starship repair: 4D

Special Abilities:

Force Sen.?-Yes
Force Points-3
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-5

500 credits, Blast vest (+1d vs. physical, +1 vs. Energy), 5 recording rods, Slug thrower pistol (3D+2, 15/30/50, Ammo:9), 2 clips of ammo., clothes, pilots uniform and helmet, K-72 Starhound fighter

Not much is known about Viktoria Sandes other than she became fast friends with Jek Corseg and Quinton Beck shortly after their assignment to the 284th. She became their regular pilot assigned to take them into combat situations and when things took a turn for the worst and the Squad had to go on the run, she ran with them leaving behind the life she once had.