Lt. Rishik Corsque

created by Beau Hammock with art by ~Thesealord.

Weight-205 lbs
A Quote-They made one mistake, they didn't finish the job.

Dexterity: 4D
Archaic Weapons, Blaster, Dodge: 5D, Grenade: 5D, Melee combat: 6D, (SP) Melee Combat: Throwing Knives: 8D, (SP) Melee Combat: Knives: 8D, Vehicle Blasters.

Knowledge: 3D
Alien Species, Bureaucracy, Planetary systems, Streetwise: 4D, Survival: 5D, Value.

Mechanical: 3D+2
Astrogation, Beast Riding, Repulsorlift Opps.:, Space Transports, Starship Gunnery, Starship Shields.

Perception: 4D
Bargain, Con, Hide, Search, Sneak: 5D, Gambling: 4D+2

Strength: 4D
Brawling: 5D+1, Lifting:, Stamina: 5D, Swimming.

Technical: 3D
Computer Program / Repair, Demolitions: 6D, First Aid:, Security:.

Force Sen.?-No
Force Points-2
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-16

Camo Armor (+1D to Physical and Sneak, +2 vs. energy), Xenomorph-head arm grieve: (+1D+2 vs. Physical, +2 vs. energy), 1 Xenomorph tail blade (Str+1D+2),  2 Combat Knives (Str+1D), 25 Throwing knives (Str+1D, 2-3/5/10), 50 ft. of syntha-rope and hook, 5 Frag grenades (5D damage), 7 pouches of detonite (+1D damage speeder scale), a box of matches, 1 Gela Lizard: Kilgora (and a litter of littuns-3)

Rishik Corsque was born on some backwater planet and moved around a lot as a kid, his childhood wasn't one filled with happiness or love. His mother died bringing him into the universe and his father used him as his personal punching bag. Rishik resolved the matter personally, in a permanent fashion, at the age of fourteen and left the burning house on Z32R7 before making his way out into the universe.  How he ended up working for Svaper is anyone's guess, but Rishik ended up working on a spice run with Sonya Milas and Falco Crickhollow that resulted in the majority of the crew being killed and Sonya and Falco in an escape pod. Rishik killed most of the Imperials before fleeing the vessel in an attempt to make his way back to Reger to get his wife out of harms way...and arrived to late. Rishik went to the nearest Imperial Garrison and began killing Imperials, he worked his way through twenty-five officers before being captured. He was tried and convicted, he was being sent to Galtos-Talkon when he broke free of the restraints and tried to fight his way off the prison vessel. The ship crash-landed on Tatooine in the Dune Sea with Rishik as the only survivor. Since then he has joined the New Republic special forces and works under Commander Yuburi with the new Mutt Squad.