Jina Mestle AKA Raven Rostoni

created by Keith A. Kilburn

Template-Sector Ranger Cadet.
Weight-125 lbs.
DOB-7 years ABY
A Quote-I do two things well and kicking butt is the other one!

Blaster:5D, (S) Hold-out Blaster:6D+2, Dodge:5D, Grenade:4D+1, Running:4D+2, Quickdraw:4D+2, Lightsabre:5D, Melee Combat, Melee Parry.

Alien Species:4D+1, Cultures:4D+1, Languages:5D, Planetary Systems:4D+1, Law-Enforcement:5D, Streetwise:5D, Jedi Lore:5D

Astrogation:5D, Sensors:5D, Space Transports:6D, Starfighter Pilot:3D (S)Z-95:4D, Starship Gunnery:5D, Repulsorlift ops.:4D, Ground Vehicle Opps.:5D, Communications:4D+2

Bargain:5D, Command:5D, Hide, Investigation:5D, Persuasion:5D, Search:5D, Sneak:5D

Stamina:4D, Brawling:4D+2, Swimming:3D+2

Armor repair, Blaster repair, Computer Program/Repair, Demolitions:5D+2, Starship Repair:5D, Lightsabre Repair:4D

Force Sen. ?-Yes
Force Points-1
Darkside Points-0
Character points-4

2 Hold-out Blasters (3D+1, 3-4/8/12, Ammo-6), Blast vest (+1D to phy., +1 pip to ene.), 'The Hat', Clothes, 1500 Credits, Holovid Walkman, various music CD's,

Jina was born seven years after the Battle of Yavin and was the result of a one night stand between her mother and Otas (Tak) Sands. The first couple of years of her life were happy and spent with her mother and it was only after her father had embraced the darkside of the force that things started to go badly. Her mother knew that if Tak knew of Jina's existence that he would attempt to use her or turn her to the Darkside when she became old enough and as a result Jina's mother took her to Akiva Rostoni on El Diablo Mesa for safe keeping. Jina was raised by Akiva on El Diablo Mesa knowing full well that she in fact wasn't her mother, but commonly referred to her as such. When Jina was old enough to learn about the Force Akiva spoke with her about it but found that Jina had no real desire to learn the ways of the Force. Akiva left the matter alone and raised the young girl in as happy an environment as she could with Tinian I'att and Daye Azure-Jamin visiting often.

Jina was a lot like her mother in that she fell in with the local gangs on El Diablo Mesa as a kid, something that Akiva was not to happy about when she found out. Jina learned early on that while it was neat to be part of the gang (Its where she got the gang name 'Raven', because of her black hair, and the tattoo.) they were not her family as one of the gang members attempted to get her arrested. Akiva kept Jina out of trouble and straightened her out by taking her to work with her and it was there that Jina found a whole new world to explore. Fascinated by the work that her mother did Jina was determined to be a Sector Ranger as well and when she graduated from school she was enrolled in the Sector Ranger Academy.

Jina had not been in the academy six months when Akiva began to act oddly, matters got even stranger when her mother pulled her from the academy and told her that she was leaving El Diablo Mesa with a Jedi Friend of hers and his Padawan. Jina was never given an explanation and raged over the fact that her mother was sending her away, Akiva was adamant and in the end Jina went with Shubquix and Kae'. Jina had never been off El Diablo Mesa before and once aboard the Corellian Queen she meet and secretly fell in love with Rance Kellor, a fact that she would only admit to while drunk and then only to Grishnak as he and Rance took her back to the Corellian Queen. Once the feelings came out Rance and Jina slowly built a relationship that blossomed into true love. Along the way Jina found out that Kae' was in fact her cousin and that Darth Bane was in fact her father, something that did not sit well with her.

They traveled the universe together and with their group of friends before finally marrying in a lavish ceremony on New Alderan after it was revealed that Rance Kellor was in fact Kyle Pendower, the missing Alderanian Prince that was believed to have been kidnapped by militant Corellian separatists intent on keeping Corellia separate from Alderan. (Due in part to Kazdan Navaro's marriage to Lady Maglena Pendower.) Kyle and Jina are traveling the universe happy to be in each others company and away from J.S. Boggins.