Kyle Pendower AKA Rance Kellor.

created by Larry Parr.

Template-Brash Pilot
Weight-175 lbs
DOB-7 years ABY
A Quote-Never loan a glowrod to a Klingon.

Blaster:7D, Brawling parry:3D+1, Dodge:5D, Melee Combat:3D, Vehicle Blasters, Quickdraw:4D+1

Intimidation:, Planetary Systems:4D+1, Streetwise:4D+2, Survival, Cultures:5D, Languages:5D, Terran:5D, Twilek:5D, Alien Species:4D+1.

Astrogation:8D+1, Communication:4D+1, Repulsorlift ops.:4D+1, Sensors:6D+1, Space Transports:8D+2, Starfighter piloting, Starship Gunnery:4D+1

Command:4D+1, Con:4D, Gambling:4D, Persuasion:4D+1, Search:4D+1, Sneak:4D+2, Bargin:4D+2, Willpower:3D+1

Brawling:4D, Stamina:4D, Swimming:3D+2

Blaster Repair:3D+1, Droid Program/Repair:3D+1, Repulsorlift Repair:3D, Starfighter Repair:4D, Computer Repair:3D, Security:3D, Demolitions:4D.

Force Sen.?-No
Force Points-5
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-2

YT-2400 light freighter: The Raven, Blaster Pistol (4D,3-10/30/130, Ammo:100), medpac, vacuum suit, 2 extra sets of clothes, worn old trench coat, glowrod, Comlink, macrobinoculars, astromech droid, Blaster Rifle (5d, 3-30/100/300,Ammo:100), Heavy Blaster pistol (5D, 3-7/25/50, Ammo:50), Language discs, 4 bottles of wine, black beret and Food & Water tester.


Kyle Pendower was born seven years after the Battle of Yavin to Maglena Pendower and Kazdan Navaro after their first encounter together. Kazdan was sucked into a wormhole and disappeared for a year, it was during this time that Maglena gave birth to their son and when Kazdan reappeared she wasn't sure if their feelings were still there and as such she didn't immediately tell him that they had a son. It took his proposing for her to realize how much he cared for her and vice verse and it was then that she told him about Kyle. It took some work but the two of them worked through the problem and when Maglena was chosen to be the head of the Royal house of new Alderan Kyle was put into the best schools and grew up sheltered by his mother, hearing about his fathers adventures. At the age of seventeen Kyle ran away from New Alderan with some money he had managed to save. Kyle found a slicer who was able to make him a new ID for a tidy sum of money...Kyle Pendower then became Rance Kellor.

Rance signed on with a shipping company where he learned how to pilot freighters and found that he had a knack for it, it was during a run to El Diablo Mesa that Rance found himself in a high stakes Sabacc game with Lando Calrissian. It was during that very game that Rance won the YT-1100 that he promptly renamed the Corellian Queen, Rance quit his job and began bouncing around the universe. Not long afterwards he befriended a hungry Filvan named Filva and found in him a co-pilot, handyman and all around friend. While on a run he picked up three passengers who would have a profound effect on his life. Jedi Knight Shubquix Rendelli, Jedi Padawan Kae' Caballa and Grishnak would become some of the closest friends Rance had ever had. Shubquix hired the young pilot to take him and his ward to various parts of the universe and it was during a trip to El Diablo Mesa that Rance meet the young and attractive 'Raven'. Raven was brought on board the ship and taken with the crew when her adopted mother made Shubquix take her for protective purposes. It was not immediately apparent to Rance but Raven was smitten with him from the start and it took some time for her to get him to notice her.

Once their relationship started the young couple fell quickly in love, Rance eventually took her home to meet his parents and sold the old YT-1100 to a collector before buying a YT-2400 with the money. They traveled the universe together and with their group of friends before finally marrying in a lavish ceremony. Kyle and Jina are traveling the universe happy to be in each others company and away from J.S. Boggins.