Punchana Wanbana

created by Seth Walker

Weight-65 lbs
A Quote- Kaiya-Gyeesha? Ewok for "where's the food?"

Bows:6D, Brawling Parry:6D, Dodge:5D, Melee Combat:6D, Melee Parry:6D, Thrown Weapons:5D, Blaster:4D+2, Grenade:4D+2

Survival:5D, Languages:2D+1,(S)R2:5D, (S)Wookie:5D, ** (A)Basic:3D, Willpower:4D+1

Beast Riding:4D, Repulsorlift Opps.:4D, Astrogation:4D, Starfighter Piloting:4D+1, (S) Y-wing Piloting:6D+2, Starship Gunnery:4D+2, Starship Shields:4D

Bargain:4D+1, Con:5D, (S) Cute:6D, Hide:6D, Sneak:5D, Search:6D

Climb/Jump:5D, Brawling:4D, Stamina:5D, Swimming:6D

Demolitions:7D+1, First Aid:3D+2, Security:3D, Primitive Construction:3D+1

Special Abilities:
Smell-Ewoks get +1D to all search/tracking rolls due to their enhanced sense of smell.
** Ewoks really are not supposed to learn Basic but we realized early on that it would be important to communicate, so we decided to let the Ewok learn Basic, however , he was to learn it as though it was an advanced skill, kind of evening out the counter balance.

Force Sen. ?- Yes
Force Points-1 ( don't ask)
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-0
Move- 7

Wooden Spear (Str+1D), Vibro-Spear (Str+3D), Vibro-Knife ( Str+2D+2), Bow and Arrows ( 2D+2, 3-10/ 30/ 50, 20 arrows), Pith Helmet-(+1 to phy. and ene. ), Blast Vest (+1D to phy. , +1 to ene. ) and his Repulsor-Glider

Punchana had the misfortune of wandering onto a rebellion ship when it was just about to take off from the forest moon of Endor. He was trapped in the cargo bay and only managed to escape from the ship when they docked on a space station named 'The Wheel' where he disembarked from the ship and began his greatest adventure. It was when he tried to steal Kabarra's Dewback fries that he ran afoul of members of the Mutt Squad. Somehow he ended up on the Centenial Hawk and going along with the members of the squad.

Punchana is the only Ewok to have recieved training as a Y-Wing pilot and was able to best a Gramoran in armed combat. Rumor has it that after serving his time in the Republic army Punchana returned to Endor, no one is really sure about the validity of those stories though.