Doctor Benjamin Horace Pierce (B.H.)

created by Ronnie Rich

Template-Wealthy Physician
Weight-205 lbs
A Quote-Are you insane, you're not actually considering going back into the firefight are you?

Dexterity: 2D Mechanical: 2D
Blaster:, Dodge:, Running:

Knowledge: 4D
Scholar: 5D, (A) Zenobiology: 7D, (A) Medication Research: 6D, Value: 5D, Alien Species: 5D, Bureaucracy:, Business:, Cultures:, Languages:

Mechanical: 2D
Repulsorlift Ops:

Perception: 3D
Gambling: 4D, Command: Con:, Persuasion:

Strength: 3D
Stamina: 4D, Brawling:, Lifting:, Stamina:, Swimming:

Technical: 4D
First Aid 5D, (A) Medicine: 5D, (A) Emergency Surgery: 7D, (A) Cybernetics: 7D, (A) Medication: 6D, (A) Rehabilitation: 6D, (A) General Surgery: 6D, Computer Program and Repair:.

Force Sen.?-No
Force Points-1
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-5

500 credits, Duffle Bag, 2 seats of clothes, 2 standard issue med-kits, stolen medical supplies (25,000 credits worth...), 115,000 credits in debt to Momo the Hutt and a Customized Medical Backpack
Chiewab Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals ECM-598, Advanced Medical Kit: Skill used: First aid.
Game Notes
-Diagnostics Scanner: Gives readouts of vital signs and recommended procedure to treat injuries.
-Emergency Procedure database: Easy Compp. Prog/Rep. roll. Gives quick reference for treatments
-Filtration Mask: Supplies oxygen; may bbe connected to atmo. compound bottles for non-Oxy races.
-Laser Scalpel: Difficult First Aid Rolll: Precision Cutting Toll.
-Medicine Dispenser: moderate First Aid Roll
-Portable repulsor Stretcher: 1-person ooperation antigravity stretcher capable of supporting 150 KG.
-Pressure Cuffs: Metal sleeves of varyinng sizes (5-30CM) inflate chambers around the wound area.
-Sterile Heating Cloth: Covers up to 1.66 meters x .75 meters with a sterilized, heating insulating cover.
-Universal Plasma Sacks: moderate First Aid Roll. Intravenous feed provides universal plasma serums.
-Heat Cloture Packs: Pressurized bandagees with medicines that when exposed to air, cauterizes and stabilizes wounds up to 10cm deep.

Ben was an exceptionally bright student finishing childhood education two years earlier than expected. He entered the medical academy at the age of 15 and finished his at age 23. It was during this time that Ben found he liked to gamble. This vice would shape his adult life in a way B. H. never expected. Ben had an intuitive feel for medicine. After finishing the medical academy near the top of his class, Doctor Pierce took an unusual step in his residency. He did his normal one year residency in an academy hospital, then did a two year emergency surgical residency with the imperial military. After residency, Doctor Pierce served in both field hospitals and surgery and rehab facilities for four years. He spent the last two years of his career with the military working on developing new medications both for treatment and interrogation and was even present during the massacre of the Second Home asteroid by the Imperial Knights.

Things were looking bright for the good doctor. Then his gambling obsession came back to haunt him. After a particularly nasty and prolonged losing streak, B.H. found himself in huge debt. The bookies and their muscle wanted payment. They knew of his medical research and coerced him into exchanging research and prototype medications for payment. The good doctor began to suspect that his bad luck losing streak had been engineered and he had been grifted for all his intelligence. He was in over his head. He became paranoid when some government men showed up at the research facility one day asking questions. A colleague tipped Ben off one evening, calling him at home and telling him the government men had just questioned her and she thought they were on their way to his apartment. Ben threw some clothes into his military duffle bag, grabbed his field surgery kit, a med pack, a few credits and headed out the door to get lost in the universe before the imperials or crime lords he still owed money to found him.