created by Mike Zaitz

Template-Wookie First Mate
A Quote-AAAARRRRGGGG!!!!!! Wookie for "Good, Bad...I'm the Wookie with the Gun!"

Bowcaster:6D+1, Grenade:6D, Dodge:6D, (SP) Energy Weapons:11D, Melee Combat:3D+2, (SP)Vibro-Axe:5D+2, (SP) Togorian Scimitar:10D, Blaster:6D+2, (SP) Blaster Rifle:5D+1, (SP) Light Repeater:10D, Firearms:3D, Running:6D, Brawling Parry:3D+2, (SP) Martial Arts:10D, Missile Wpns:4D+1, Melee Parry:3D+2, (SP) Togorian Scimitar:4D+1

Alien Species:2D+1, Intimidation:2D+1, Law Enforcement:3D, Planetary Systems:3D+1, Streetwise:2D+1, Survival:3D+1, Value:5D, Tatics:3D, (SP) Capital Ships:3D+1, (SP)Squads:3D+1, Business:3D, (SP) Ganis Operations:4D

Astrogation:4D, Sensors: 3D+1, Starship Gunnery:4D+1, Starship Shields:3D+1, Starship Piloting:4D, Repulsorlift Ops: 3D+1, Cap. Ship Piloting:4D, (SP) Corellian Corvettes:7D+1, Cap. Ship Gunnery:4D, Cap. Ship Shields:4D+1, Communications:4D+2

Bargain:2D+1, Con:2D+1, Hide:2D+1, Persuasion:2D+1, Search:7D, Sneak:6D, (SP)Arborreal:4D+1, Command:3D, (SP) The Freedom Crew:7D, Investigation:3D+1, Willpower:3D, (SP) Resist Jedi:11D

Brawling:6D, (SP) Martial Arts:10D, Climb/Jump:5D+1, Lifting:5D+1, Stamina:5D+1, Swimming:5D+1

First Aid:3D+2, Blaster Repair:3D+2, Demolitions:3D+2, Security:4D+2, Repulsorlift Rep:3D+2, Cap. Ship Repair:4D+1, (SP) Corellian Corvette:6D, Cap. Ship Wpn. Repair:4D

Special Abilities:
Berserker Rage-Gives +2D to Str. (you know the rules...)
Climbing Claws-Gives +2D to climbing when used (you know these rules too!)

Force Sen. ?-No
Force Points-1
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-81

Glow rod, Breath mask, Datapad, Comlink, 2 Medkits (Human and Wookie), Macrobinoculars, Sensor pack, Datapad w/info on Ganis' Operations, Bowcaster, Light Rep. Blaster with portable power source (6d), Togorian Scimitar (Str+2D, Diff:15) as well as 'the Freedom'.

The Wookie that would come to be known as 'Kryzah' was born on the world of Kashyyyk. As a member of the 'local militia' he helped to defend his town when the empire came to recruit more 'laborers'. As history would have it, all resistance was crushed. Escaping into the jungles, he formed a small resistance group. After successful raids helping to liberate enslaved Wookies, destroy imperial property and in general cause mayhem. A trap was set in which the majority of his team was killed. Kryzah was captured and was being transported to the spice mines of Kessel. During an ion storm on the planet where the convey ship was refueling Kryzah was able to make his escape, Not to familiar with El Diablo Mesa Kryzah most likely would have been recaptured or slain for his escape if one of the locals had not assisted him. Akiva Rostoni hid the Wookie from the local Imperial presence long enough to get him some supplies and safe passage off the planet. Kryzah touched by the humans actions life debted himself to her and refused to leave unless she too left. Things took a turn for the worse a couple days later then Akiva's life fell apart and it was only through Kryzah's efforts that she was able to get off the planet alive.

Boarding a pleasure vessel leaving for Cloud City Kryzah was able to tend to her wounds and meet up with several members of the future Mutt Squad. Before they could arrive in Cloud City, the 'Mignola' was attacked by the dread pirate Ro-jilk, a Barabel who had been operating in the area. Picked out of the crowd along with several others Kryzah was made a pirate and was told that he would help a squad of the Pirates on a raid and capture of a Star-Destroyer. Things went badly and the pirates were abandoned by his mentor Ro-jilk, he and his crew were captured by the Empire aboard the Star-Destroyer. Their execution orders had just been issued when the Rebellion made a daring raid on the already damaged vessel and were able to capture it. Kryzah joined the Rebellion deciding that would be the best way to hurt the Empire.

Kryzah served with the Mutt Squad being the first Wookie to actually hold rank in the Rebellion, after the battle of Endor he approached Commander Anthony Wayne with an idea about freeing those enslaved by the Empire. Wayne gave him a KDY Corvette and a group of Rebel operatives to be his grew. Akiva joined her friend in his quest to free slaves and together they personally helped free well over a thousand enslaved prisoners. Kryzah was given the Corvette and staffed it with an all Wookie crew, to help him in his endeavors. Kryzah took care of both Tinian and Raven and thinks of them as extended family. Kryzah and the crew of the Freedom are still hunting Slavers across the galaxy.