Kindo Fett

Created by Tim Moss

Template-Mandalorian Bounty Hunter
Species-Mandalorian (Human)
Weight-205 lbs
A Quote-I'm not Boba Fett!

Blaster: 5D, Heavy Blaster: 7D+1, Dodge: 5d, Melee Combat, Melee Parry, Thrown Weapons, Vehicle Blasters

Streetwise: 3D+2, Languages: 3D, Law-Enforcement, Planetary Systems, Survival, Intimidation: 3D

Jet Pack ops.: 3D+2, Beast Riding, Sensors: 3D, Repulsorlift Ops., Swoop Ops., Space Transports: 3D

Gamble:3D+2, Search:4D, Persuasion:3D+2, Sneak:3D+1, Bargain, Forgery, Con: 3D+2, Intimdation:3D+1

Brawling, Lifting, Climb/Jump, Stamina, Swimming

Blaster Rep:3D, Heavy Blaster Rep: 4D, Demolitions: 3D+2, First Aid, Security

Force Sen.?-No
Force Points-1
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-25

Mandalorian Scout Armor (+2D vs. Phy, +1D vs. eng.: Covers head, torso and arms, no Dex penalties)
-All weapons use Armor Weapons skill and the Jetpack uses the Jetpack skill.
-Jet pack - allows up to 500 meters of flight. The jet pack and flame thrower draw from the same fuel.
-Mandalorian Dart Launcher: Right arm - (6D 0-5/10/25) Can use poisons.
-Mandalorian Flame Thrower: Right arm -(5D) - creates a cone one meter wide.
-Wrist Lasers: Left arm -5D Damage, range: 3-5/25/50
-IR/motion sensors: +1D Perc. in darkness and against moving targets ahead and to both sides.
-Sensor Pod: +2D on all search rolls, 50-100m
-Macrobinoculars: +1D Search, 100-200m
-Broadband antenna: Can intercept and decode most communications. Can patch into shipboard and vehicular communications systems.

Other Equipment carried:
2 medpacs, Knife (Str+1D, Diff-10), 2 quick draw blasters (3D+1 Damage,3-4/8/12,ammo:6), a light repeating blaster rifle (6D, 2 free shots,3-30/130/300, Ammo:6), and 3 stun grenades.

Kindo Fett's life would have been completely normal and unassuming if not for two small details, the first was that he was genetically related to the infamous Jango Fett, galacticly known bounty hunter and killer of Jedi. The second detail was that Kindo was a Mandalorian and as a result Jango hated him more than he hated life itself. The details of how the strange chain of events came to pass isn't known, a bounty hunter named Kindo Fett began operating with the boundaries of the New Republic, claiming to be the son of Boba Fett and somehow became embroiled in the adventures of the group known as the Mutt Squad (29 standard years after ANH). For a time he operated with the group before parting company with them and when next he was seen it was as part of some plot that involved the long believed dead bounty hunter known as Jango Fett.

Things went sour and Jango was killed once more and Kindo was imprisoned on Galtos-Talkon. That should have been the end of the story there, but a few months later Kindo was seen on a New Republic world or rather a series of New Republic worlds. Matters were further complicated when a diplomatic envoy was sent to Coruscant to speak with the Republic and it turned out to be none other than Kindo Fett himself, or rather someone claiming to be him. As it was later revealed the diplomatic envoy was in fact the original Kindo Fett and other than the name and common ancestry he and Jango had nothing in common or so he believed. The Kindo that was imprisoned on Galtos-Talkon turned out to be a clone and it was through him that the members of the Mutt Squad were able to find out the true history of Jango Fett, Boba Fett and Judo Kast and how that all tied into Kindo Fett.

It seemed that many years before, just prior to the start of the Clone Wars Jango Fett was killed and the Kimeno cloners that employed him thought it was a waste of perfectly good genetic material and as such cloned him once more from the recovered body. The Clone awoke to find that his son Boba was missing and believed dead, the Kimeno cloners attempted to placate him by creating another son for him, a son he would name Judo Kast. Judo claimed for a time to be Boba Fett and even wore Mandalorian Armor until an encounter with Boba Fett made him realize that Boba was still alive and well. Boba rather than being overjoyed that his father was alive saw the clone as a monstrous abomination to be destroyed. Judo and Boba would clash several times with no clear victor, Judo's final death came not from Boba Fett, but from Stromgald Caballa. As it later turned out Judo Kast was the father of Kindo Fett, Kindo's mother simply believed the claims of a man dressed in Mandalorian armor.

Armed with this knowledge the Mutt Squad was able to uncover the Kimeno Cloning facility in the heart of Coruscant, a plot that was set in motion by a shape shifting Sith Master who had assumed the identity of Kae' Caballa and ordered the clones of Kindo Fett created. A timely intervention on the Mutt Squads part saved Coruscant from falling to the cloned armor of Kindo Fett, brought about the final death of Jango and an end to the Kimeno cloners in the bowels of Coruscant. Kindo stayed on with the Mutt Squad becoming a trusted ally and friend before going back to Mandalore to marry.

And thus the story of Judo Kast and Jango Fett came to an end...or did it?