Kae' Cabala

created by Derek 'Dude' Thornton

Template-Jedi Knight
Weight-175 lbs
DOB-4 Years ABY
A Quote-I want to learn the ways of the force and become a Jedi...like my father.

Blaster:3D+1, Dodge:4D, Lightsaber:8D+1, Running:5D+1

Languages:3D+2, (S)Jawa:5D, Earth English:3D+1, Streetwise:3D+2, Scholar: Jedi Lore:6D, Alien Species:3D+1, Intimidation:5D, Value:3D+1

Astrogation:3D+2, Starship shields:3D, Beast riding:3d+1

Bargain 3D+2, Con:4D, Sneak:5D, Persuasion:5D, Command:3D+2

Brawling:4d+2, Climb/Jump:4D+1, Stamina:5d, Lifting:4D+2, Swimming:3D+1

Droid Program and Repair:3D+1, First Aid 3D+2, Lightsaber Repair:5D, Starship Weapon Repair:3D

Special Abilities:
Kae' is "the one", the Jedi knight prophesied to bring upon the downfall of the sith and be the strongest Jedi the galaxy had seen in millennia....and as such all difficulties to all force powers are reduced by one level.

Force Powers:
-Accelerate healing, Control Pain, Control Disease, Hibernation Trance, Emptiness, Concentration, Absorb/Dissipate energy, Reduce Injury, Detoxify Poison

-Sense force, Life detection, Life sense, Receptive telepathy, Translation, Postcognition, Sense path, Danger sense, Magnify senses


-Accelerate Another's Healing, Control Another's Pain, Transfer Force, Return Another to Conscious, Control Another's Disease

-Lightsaber Combat, Projective Telepathy, Life bond

-Dim Another's Senses

-Affect Mind, Jaunt, Regeneration.

Force Sen?-Yes
Force Points-16
Character points-4
Darkside Points-0

Lightsaber (5D), Jedi holocron, Comlink, "Jaunt" Belt, Jedi Robes.

Most heroes would have their lives described as tragic and full of emotionally charged moments. The life of Kae’ Caballa could be said to be that of a tragic hero, but Kae’ wouldn’t phrase it as such. He would say that they are both the “will of the Force”, and that which has made him the person he is today. Kae’ doesn’t spend much time whining or thinking on what should have been, instead he tries to focus on that which will be, the coming moments and decisions he must make as he tries to be both a good person and a Jedi knight.

The first five years of Kae’s life are little more than blurred memories of bars, ships and villainous pirates, all too numerous to count. Born the son of a Jedi ambassador and a smuggler, Kae’ was “raised” by his mother and treated as a burdened to her. She loathed the newborn baby’s cries and screams and eventually instilled in him a harsh sense of discipline at an early age. Rosh was a smuggler by trade, and a pirate by hobby. She frequented bars and cantinas with her son looking for either a new job or a new crew and eventually “settled” into a group of pirates known as the “Star Sharks”. While his mother was no source for a descent role model, there was a source of “motherly comfort” for young Kae’ in the form of a slave girl. Nyssa Talla was a Twi’lek who had been taken captive in a pirate raid on a Twi’lek diplomacy vessel. She served as a nanny and a caretaker for the children of a high placed Twi’lekian government official, and when the vessel she was on came under attack, and eventually overrun, she was taken to be the gang’s maid and servant.

Feeling very out of place among the pirate’s ship, Nyssa found it quite easy to talk to the young and timid Kae’, who himself was crying out emotionally for any sort of care and attention more than being told to shut up and stay quiet. The two grew close very quickly and were the perfect piece that helped hold each other together during some fairly grim situations, however, Kae’ would soon lose this beautiful person in his life to the ugly face of fear, hatred and greed. After two years of having a sort of mother figure in his life, Nyssa was killed in a hostage situation between the pirates and CorSec officers who had surrounded the pirate’s docked ship. Saddened and broken-hearted, Kae’s pirate mother ensured that he knew what death and murder were, even though he was only four and a half years old. But in only a few short months, Kae’ would have a dramatic change in his life that would set in motion his destiny for the man he would become.

One day, while in another of the endless cantinas he had already seen in his life, Kae’ met a man who said he was going to take care of him from now on, he was Stromgald Caballa, and he was Kae’s father. He remembered his mom speaking of his dad; she hated him with everything that she was for leaving her with Kae’. But for some reason, Kae’ didn’t carry his mom’s hate for him. In fact, he saw for the first time, a man willing to take care of him and someone who wanted the best for him. He was going home with his father, who had told Kae’ that he was strong in the Force, even though he had no idea what that meant at the time. Kae’ wasn’t going to be with his mother or pirates or bad people anymore, he was going to a family and a home.

Not to long after getting a dad and a home, Kae’ was given another gift. Several in fact, in the form of an uncle, an aunt, and an adopted brother. Now Kae’ had a family, and even more so, they were a family of Jedi's. His father told him that soon he and his brother would go to Tattooine and they too would become Jedi's one day. While Kae’ was living in his father’s apartment on Coruscant, he caught up on all the things he had missed out on while being in the “care” of his mother. He excelled in the work the tutor droids gave him and enjoyed athletics and playing like most other children do. For the first time in his young life, he was allowed to normal things, and so misbehaving and breaking the rules never occurred to him, for he was to busy occupying himself with the other things he had been given, school and friends. Kae’ also, was strangely caring and compassionate in his adolescence. He was attentive to people’s needs and emotions, and always felt like it was the right thing to do when he was helping someone else, no matter the situation. His father kept telling him that he was very strong in the force, and that this compassion and empathy was a good thing, something a Jedi needed, while at the same time, having it in moderation. Stromgald told Kae’ he had Jedi potential, much more so than his brother, and that his potential to be a great Jedi knight grew everyday. This, he said, was why he could empathize with people and things so well and why he seemed to feel both their pain and their happiness so easily. Kae’ wanted to do good in the galaxy, and he wanted to take care of things, unlike his mother, who never showed him kindness or care. Kae’ wanted to do for others what Nyssa had done for him when he was younger, and so, at age eight, he and Jalibb were taken by their father to Tattooine to be trained at the Jedi academy.

Kae’ had never been there before, and the quiet winds of the Tattooine desert were a welcomed change of pace to all the noise and people Kae’ was used to. The sky was almost always clear, and Kae’ could always see the suns, and while yes it was hot there, there was something about how natural and empty the planet seemed that he liked. Among the people at the Academy and the funny little Jawas, Kae’ had found more family and more friends, comfort and solace. Kae’ spent the next four years happy and at peace while beginning his training, he was preparing to be a Jedi like his father had said he would be, and while he excelled in his classes and his training, his brother did not. Jalibb was too brash and hot-headed, wanting everything too quickly like in so many of the holo-vid films he had seen. He was sent back to Coruscant to go back into school and to a “normal life.”

Around the time that Kae’ had been taken to Tattooine, he had heard that his uncle Tak and fallen to the dark side and was now going by the name Darth Bane. Dark Jedi's, as explained to Kae’, were Jedi's who wanted to inflict pain and misery, fear and grief on other people by using their Jedi training as an advantage of power. Kae’ was saddened that he had lost some of his new family to this dark side of the force; this only drove Kae’ to be better and excel higher than he was already doing. Extraordinary was the boy’s growth in strength and practice. No one could believe how well this relatively unheard of boy, the son of a pirate, was doing in his exercises. Whispers started around the academy that Kae’ was “the one”, the Jedi who would bring about the final downfall of the Sith and restore the Jedi heritage of justice and guardianship in the galaxy. The Jedi Council had told Stromgald that his son would be the one to fulfill this prophecy, and this prompted him to push his son to the limits of his potential. He refused to have his son fall to the dark side like he had once done, and like his uncle had also done. When the time came for Kae' to be tempted, Stromgald wanted his son to stand firm in his stance on the light side of the force and not fulfill the second part of this prophecy. If Kae’ did not bring about the downfall of the Sith, it would consume him, and he would become a Sith himself.

It had been seven years since his father had removed him from his mother’s side, and much like that very day, his father was about to be taken from him. One Tattooine night, his father and he were in a patch of desert close to the academy, training with light sabers, when they heard the sounds of fighting and of screaming. Over one of the dunes, the silhouette of a red-armored, cloaked figure ran swiftly down its side coming at the two Caballas with a scream and with much haste. It was Darth Bane, Otis Caballa…uncle Tak, and he had come in swinging on Stromgald with intent to kill him. As Kae’ watched the heated lightsaber battle, he saw his father struck down before him and disappear as it is said some Jedi's do when they die. His uncle turned to exact his hatred on Kae‘, but as he approached the young boy, an academy’s worth of Jedi charged in on the Sith lord with justice in mind. He ran, laughing at the success of killing his brother, and screaming he would return for his nephew.

Kae’ was again broken-hearted. His father, the first stable and real family he had was taken from him in another senseless act of violence. Yet another affirmation at the idea that he had to be a fully-trained and well-trained Jedi, not only because it was his destiny, but because he wanted to make his father proud, and the fact that he felt like he didn’t stop his father’s death. This idea alone made Kae’ not like talking about the prophecy surrounding his life, not out of bitterness, but more out of a sense of humility that he wasn’t fit to be such an important figure in the galaxy. This sort of humility and low self-esteem would bother Kae’ for some time, but not as a hindrance, more a motivation.

Kae’, with his father's lightsaber in hand, then became the Padawan learner of Shubquix Rendilli, a Jedi knight who had known Stromgald and was an associate to him on a few occasions. Kae’ knew his new master from his time at the academy and was excited to learn all the new things that he could from him. Shubquix taught Kae’ that a Jedi knight must be ready for all things, in both body and mind. The dark and evil things of the galaxy challenge us on all fronts and Kae’ was going to have to learn to fight, even if on there own terms. Shubquix focused on getting Kae’ into extreme physical shape, as well as helping him to focus his mental sharpness and acuity. The infamous “mayonnaise jar test” is but one of many wise tools Shubquix used to teach his Padawan of how actions can affect other things, that everything is linked together in a circle and while one thing happens, it causes something else to occur. The Jedi knight also was sure to see that his pupil was sufficiently skilled in the Lightsaber. It was not all too uncommon to see Kae’ performing lightsaber katas in zero gravity or to see him practicing completely submerged in water for hours at a time. Shubquix was a tough teacher, but Kae' knew that his master only meant the best and hoped his student would be a great Jedi to the still young New Jedi Order.

After a short time with his Quarren master, Shubquix too passed away. He suffered a massive heart attack after fending off a Sith attack on both he and his padawan learner. Kae' was then giving to complete his training under Jedi Master J.S. Boggins, another of his father's associates and someone who was regarded as "someone with his own way of doing things." Boggins trained Kae' to the best of his abilities and lead him to his trial for knighthood. Kae' was to go to the planet Gonmo and overthrow the Sith Master Ghnim from his rule of tyranny that had crippled the planet. After offering him a chance for redemption, Kae' struck down the Sith in lightsaber combat, after Ghnim had been cast aside by his daughter Selorna. This victory in combat is what unfortunately earned Kae' the lustful affection of the Sith princess. She took to calling Kae' her "concubine", much to Kae's displeasure. Kae' had complete his task and informally received the title of Jedi Knight, but his trial was not over.

Kae' quickly left the planet Gonmo, which he now "rightfully ruled" according to the people of the planet, in much haste to the planet of Thermyscria II, where the inhabitants were under both Ch'Doth and Sith attack in an attempt to invade and enslave the planet. Kae' would find out exactly how strong the Force was with him that day.

While leading some of the planet's leaders through a maze of underground caves in an attempt to evade pursuing Ch'Doth, Kae' began seeing the spirits of Jedi long deceased in the caves of this planet. First he saw the visage of a Jedi he did not recognize, then he saw his old master Shubquix, but neither could pull Kae' off of his course of retreat. The finally spirit that appeared to him was that of his father, Stromgald and he was motioning for his son and his friends to follow him. The spectre lead Kae' and his party to the shores of the Thermyscrian ocean, where thousands of Jedi spirits had suddenly appeared to Kae', all with ignited lightsabers in hand. The spirits, unseen to all but Boggins and Kae', faced the ocean and with hunters en route, plunged their sabers into the sand. Kae' followed in their steps and felt the Force rush through him as the waters of the planet were parted and an escape route for he and his comrades was made available.

The party found themselves running in-between two massive walls of water and Kae' found himself running aside the ghosts of Jedi long since passed. Suddenly a dark figured appeared in front of the party and made its way toward Kae', it was Darth Valious; Banes master, the entire attack on the planet was only a ploy to lure in nephew out into the open so he could finally kill him. As Darth Valious attacked the helpless Thermyscrians, Boggins moved up to deal with him as Darth Bane burst from the wall of water on the back of a giant megladon. Kae killed the giant shark with a lightsaber attack before he and his uncle faced off against one another in mortal combat.

The rest of the party made in out of the now dry ocean depths, but the Ch'Doth, Darth Bane and Kae' Caballa did not. Kae and Bane both fell victims to each other's saber blades, while the Hunters were met with the justice of dead Jedi they helped kill and hunt down during the years of the Great Purge and the Emperor's galactic reign. Kae' Caballa died and disappeared, his uncle was left to feed the sharks of the now settled ocean floor. Kae' joined the Force, and in the peaceful darkness of sleep, he heard his father's voice speak one simple sentence, "It is not your time my son, Go."

Kae' awoke on the surface of the water, standing as if on solid ground. His robes solid white and his father's lightsaber in his hand, he walked and met the Mutt Squad on the opposite shore where Boggins had dealt with Bane's apprentice. Kae' had embraced his destiny as "The One" and had become a Jedi knight, like his father before him. Kae' returned to the Academy on Tattooine, where he retired his father's red bladed lightsaber and constructed his own, taking a traditional blue blade color for his knighthood.

Kae' followed and aided the Mutt Squad on countless adventures, even taking on several padawans in his time as a Jedi knight, Ao-ki (Wald) Jinn and Drex Marr. But even the bravest of knights retires when there are no more dragons left to slay. Kae', after obtaining the title of master later in his life, eventually married the Jedi scholar Kallistar Enijfer (Kalli) and lived out a quiet life of peace and teaching for the rest of his days...