created by Paul Umbarger

Template-Wookie Kid, Later he became a bounty hunter.
Weight-300 lbs
A Quote-Growl !! "Wookie for 'charge' "

Blaster:6D, Dodge:4D, Brawling Parry:6D, Melee Combat:3D+1, Melee Parry:3D+1, Bowcaster:4D, Vehicle Weapons:3D+1, Missile Weapons:3D+1

Alien Species:3D, Languages:3D+1, *(S)Basic:4D, Survival:3D+1, Value:2D+2, Willpower:5D

Astrogation:4D, Repulsorlift Opps.:5D, Starship Piloting:6D,(S) X-wing:4D+2, Starship Shields:4D, Starship Gunnery:6D+1, (S) X-wing:5D, Power Suit Opps.:4D, Sensors:4D

Hide:3D+1, Sneak:3D+1, Gambling:3D, (S) Sabacc:5D

Brawling:7D, (S)Wookie:9D, Lifting:6D+2, Stamina:6D+1

Armor Repair:3D+1, Starship Repair:3D+2, Demolitions:3D+1, Blaster Repair:3D+1, Droid Program/Repair:3D+1

Special Abilities:
Berserker Rage-adds +2D to Str (you know the rules)
Climbing Claws-adds +2D to Climb skill when used
Vocal Chords-Kabarra was born with deformed vocal chords and because of this can speak basic.

Force Sen. ?-Yes
Force Points-8
Darkside Points-1
Character Points-12

Smasher Armor (+1D to Str for Phy. and Ene., also +2D to Climb/Jump, Brawling Damage, and Lifting )

Kabarra was born on the Wookie Homeworld of Kashyyyk and had a very loving relationship with his parents up until the Empire enslaved Kashyyyk and separated Kabarra and his parents. Kabarra was what would be his late teens for a Wookie when he was taken off planet. Kabarra ended up at a slave auction on Tatoonine where he was being beaten mercilessly when Jedi Stromgald Caballa found and freed him by buying his freedom. Kabarra lifedebted himself to Stromgald and became his loyal bodyguard following him around and attempting to safeguard him and the rest of the Mutt Squad from harm while fighting with the Rebellion against the forces of the Empire.

Kabarra followed Stromgald on his quest for Galactic peace through the battle of Endor and into the dawn of the New Republic. It would take an encounter with one of Stromgald's ex-lovers to destroy the life debt. During an encounter with Rosh, Kabarra who had only ever known her as harm to his friend, attempted to attack her in a drunken rage while calling on the power of the force. This split the two long time friends up and Kabarra broke the life debt leaving Stromgald to deal with Rosh. (Who wasn't even a threat at that moment.)

Kabarra fell into the Bounty hunting and eventually fell in with a group of slavers working to offload the peaceful simian race on Yazar-5. Kabarra conscience got to him and he sent off a comsignal to the Mutt-Squad, but was discovered by the dishonored Wookie Wook and nearly beaten to death. He was rescued by the Mutt squad and returned to full health.

He returned to Kashyyyk and eventually married.