Jyve Omahlsdahl

created by Glenn Moss

Weight-180 lbs.
Age-unknown assumed late 20's
A Qoute-My money, my ship, and my blaster in your face. Any questions?

Blaster:6D, (S) Heavy Blaster Pistol:9D, Dodge:7D+1, Grenade:4D, Melee Combat:6D+2,(S) Vibro-knife:9D+2, Pick Pocket:4D, Running:4D, Vehicle Blasters:4D+1

Alien Species:5D, Bureacracy:4D, Business:4D, (S)Piracy:6D, Intimidation:4D, Planetary Systems:6D, Streetwise: 8D, Survival:5D, Value:7D, Willpower:4D+1

Astrogation:6D, Capitalship Gunnery:6D, Capitalship Piloting:7D+2, Capitalship Shields:5D, Ground Vehicle Opps.:6D, Sensors:5D+2, Starship Piloting:6D, (S) Ghrotc Light Frieghter:8D, Starship Gunnery:6D+2, Starship Shields:6D+2

Bargain:5D, Command:6D, (S) Pirates:10D, Con:7D+1, Gambling:6D, Hide:5D, Sneak:5D, Persuasion:4D, Search:5D
Brawling:7D+1, Climb/Jump:5D+1

Computer Program/Repair:4D+1, Capitalship Repair:5D+1, Starship Repair:5D+1, Droid Program/Repair:4D, Security:6D

Force Sen. ?-No
Force Points-2
Darkside Points-2
Character Points-20

Modified Heavy Blaster ( 5D+2, 3-7 / 25 / 50), Modified Vibro-Knife ( Str+4D ), Kreshluck Armor (+2D to phy., +1D to ene., no Dex penalty ), Vaccuum suit, Flashy clothes, Comlink, Jyve has a personel vessel, the Dog-Pound as well two other ships he uses for piracy, the Blooddawn and the G' Mi Foag, both Corellian Corvettes.

Jyve Omahlsdahl was born some 20+ years before the Battle of Yavin on the small planetoid (asteroid?) known as RU-46-92, a center of vice and corruption owned by none other than Durga the Hutt. Who Jyve's parents were, much less whatever happen to them isn't known. Jyve was raised by the ladies who worked for Durga and when he came of age he began making runs as a smuggler for Durga, before jumping ship and joining a pirate crew where he began to make the big money.
Things were going well for Jyve who rose in the ranks to become the second command of the pirate crew, things seemed to be going exceptionally well for him. That is until the captain took over a pleasure cruiser and then tried to get its passengers to take over a star destroyer. The plan went badly, Jyve and 3/4's of the pirate crew ended up captured by the rebellion and in order to keep from serving hard time Jyve offered to join the Rebellion in order to keep from going to some sort of penal colony.

For four years Jyve served as a member of the Mutt Squad, battling across the snowy tundras of hoth, the deserts of Tattooine and through the whatever god-forsaken jungles the Rebellion decided to send him to. When the war was over Jyve went back to pirating taking the Dog Pound with him.

For almost five years no one connected with the Mutt Squad saw Jyve and might have never seen him again if not for a random occurance of them having been asked to look into a possible slaving ring on Yazar-5. As it turned out Jyve and other ex-members of the Mutt Squad were transporting the slaves to their new masters when the Mutt Squad intervened and put an end to the Slaving ring.

Jyve dropped dime on the Slave masters and got immunity from prosecution on the slave-running charges. The last anyone saw of Jyve he was heading for greener pastures and bigger space lanes.