Doctor Phineas T. Horton

created by Justin Jones

Template-Wealthy Physician
Weight-190 lbs
A Quote-Your eyes are irritated because you keep trying to take your contact lenses out and you aren't wearing any, stop poking yourself in the eyes!

Dexterity: 3D
Firearms: 4d+2, Dodge: 4D, Running: 4d, Melee: 3d+1, Blaster: 3d+1, Lightsaber: 6d

Knowledge: 3D
Alien species:, Bureaucracy:, Business:, Cultures: 4d, Languages: 4d, Jedi lore: 3d+2

Mechanical: 2D
Repulsorlift ops.:, Beast riding: 3d, Starship shields: 2d+1, Starship guns: 2d+2, Starfighter piloting: 2d+2

Perception: 4D
Command: 4d+2, Persuasion: 4d+1, Search: 4d+2

Strength: 2D
Brawling: 2d+2, Climb/jump:, Lifting: 3d+1, Stamina: 3d, Swimming:

Technical: 4D
Computer programming /repair:, Droid programming /repair:, First aid: 7d, (A) Medicine: 3d+2, (A) Cybernetics: 1d

Special Abilities:    
Control: 3D

Sense: 4D+1
-Life Detection, Life Sense, Receptive Telepathy

Force Sen.?-Yes
Force Points-4
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-8

Medical tools, Data-pad, Inflatable Rubber raft, Alcohol, Road-Flare, Cotton swabs, Jedi belt, 10 m.r.e. pouches, Tech vest, 10 med-kits, a Customized Medical Backpack
Chiewab Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals ECM-598, Advanced Medical Kit: Skill used: First aid.

Game Notes
-Diagnostics Scanner: Gives readouts of vittal signs and recommended procedure to treat injuries.
-Emergency Procedure database: Easy Comp. PProg/Rep. roll. Gives quick reference for treatments
-Filtration Mask: Supplies oxygen; may be cconnected to atmo. compound bottles for non-Oxy races.
-Laser Scalpel: Difficult First Aid Roll: PPrecision Cutting Toll.
-Medicine Dispenser: moderate First Aid Rolll
-Portable repulsor Stretcher: 1-person operration antigravity stretcher capable of supporting 150 KG.
-Pressure Cuffs: Metal sleeves of varying ssizes (5-30CM) inflate chambers around the wound area.
-Sterile Heating Cloth: Covers up to 1.6 meeters x .75 meters with a sterilized, heating insulating cover.
-Universal Plasma Sacks: moderate First Aidd Roll. Intravenous feed provides universal plasma serums.
-Heat Cloture Packs: Pressurized bandages wwith medicines that when exposed to air, cauterizes and stabilizes wounds up to 10cm deep.

Not really much is known about the early years of Doctor Phineas T. Horton other than his mother was 'from Lotterby' and his dad was the former local Doctor whom he took over for after graduation from Medical school. He, like Ferb Corseg, was a certifiable genius and breezed through medical school graduating at the tender age of 18.