Grishnak Nahathmaq

created by Seth J. Walker

Weight-280 lbs
DOB-13 years BBY
A Quote-There is nothing more honorable then to die in battle.

Blaster:4D, Dodge:7D+1, Grenade:4D+1, Melee Combat:7D, Melee Parry:7D+1, Thrown Weapon:5D, Brawling Parry:6D, Missile Weapons:4D+1, Firearms:4D+1, Running:5D+1

Planetary Systems:2D+1, Streetwise:2D+1, Survival:2D+1, Tatics:2D+1, Intimidation:4D+2, Klingon history:2D+1, Alien Species:3D+1, Leadership:3D+1, Languages:3D, Terran:3D+1.

Repulsorlift Opps.:4D, Starship Shields:3D, Starfighter Piloting:4D, Starship Gunnery:5D, Space Transports Piloting:3D, Astrogation:3D, Sensors:3D, Communications:3D, Power Suit Operations:4D

Command:3D, Hide:3D, Search:3D, Sneak:3D, Willpower:4D, Patience:5D, Bargain:3D+1.

Brawling:7D, Climb/Jump:5D, Lifting:5D, Stamina:5D, Swimming:5D,

Computer Program/Repair:3D, Demolitions:5D, First Aid:3D, Security:4D

Force Sen.?-Yes
Force Points-3
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-20

Medpac: Klingon, Macrobinoculars, Personal Communicator, Universal translator, Klingon Uniform: (+1D vs. Physical, +1 Vs. Energy), Military Boots (+2 vs. Physical), Vertigo-line thrower, 2 fragmentation grenades (5D Damage, 0-2/4/6/10), Thermal detonator (10D, 0-2/8/12/10), Klingon Knife (Str+1D Diff: Very Easy), Klingon Sword (Str+1D+2, Diff: Moderate), Klingon Double Sword (Str+2D, Diff: Moderate.), Blaster Rifle (6D, 3-30/100/300, Ammo:100), Heavy Blaster pistol (5D, 3-7/25/50, Ammo:25).

Special Abilities:
Redundant Biology: If 'mortally wounded', a Klingon can survive by making a difficult strength roll. A second such wound will kill them.

On Kling there are numerous clans, and each clan allies itself with a political party.  There are three major parties:  The Party for Progress is newly the most powerful political party in the Klingon Grand Council, and wants to 'peacefully' expand the place of the Klingon race in the universe.  They believe that through cooperation with their neighbors in the Galactic Senate they can expand and prosper in the universe without losing any of their honor.   The Party of War  was once the most powerful of the political parties, and believe in using militarily might to expand their place in the universe.  They want to intimidate and use their partners in the Galactic Senate, thereby showing Klingon dominance throughout the universe.  The Defenders of the Past are a less powerful political party, and want to return to the days of Klingon dominance in their own galaxy.  They believe that cooperation with other governments, and participating in the senate is an abomination.  They preach xenophobia, and believe that all races other than Klingon exist purely to become slaves subject to Klingon domination.  They have the backing of the smaller and weaker Klingon clans.

Grishnak comes from Clan Athmaq, which is a part of the powerful Ghithlak Clan.  On the world of Kling the Ghithlak are a clan of medium power.  Each major clan on Kling is made up numerous individual family clans that are ranked by size and strength with the over all clan.  Grishnak's family is related by blood to the War Leader of Clan Ghithlak, (War Leader is the highest rank achievable in a clan.)  Clan Ghithlak is allied politically with the Party for Progress, and fought strongly in the Klingon Grand Council to bring about expansion that would mutually benefit the Klingons and the other races that they were dealing with.  Grishnak's great uncle Ukthilaq is the clan War Leader of Clan Ghithlak.  He is the strongest voice in the Klingon senate for peaceful expansion.

Clan Ghithlak's strongest rival is Tiqnagh from Clan Shitak.  He is the War Leader for Clan Shitak, which is the leader of the  Party of War.  The rivalry of these two clans has gone back several hundred years as both political parties have struggled for power in the Klingon Grand Council.

Ukthilaq had found a world that Clan Ghithlak could inhabit, and made a deal with the sparse inhabitants for mutual cohabitation.  The inhabitants were a low-tech civilization who had just reached space flight technology.  Clan Athmaq and its policy of cooperation was welcomed by the natives who would gain from the sharing of technology.  He sent Chadvey, Grishnak's father, to lead Clan Athmaq in the colonization of the new planet.  Meanwhile, Grishnak was off in the Special Forces of the New Republic at this time, and visited his clan just once at the new colony during this expansion period.  Within a three-month period, during which Grishnak was on a secret assignment, Clan Athmaq was wiped out in a surprise attack from unknown sources. Grishnak was notified of the tragedy, and resigned from the military to pursue the people or persons.  When he returned to Kling, the only clues he got from Ukthikaq were that a strike force either led or sent by a mysterious “Darth Bane” had been involved in the destruction of Clan Athmaq.  Grishnak dedicated his life to finding and killing the people responsible for the destruction of his clan.  He entered a sacred blood quest, and went in search throughout the universe for clues as to who had slain his relatives.  He got his revenge by slaying his rival Tiqnagh, leader of the Party of War, and for a short time was War Leader of the Klingon Empire.

Clan Shitak is the leader of the  Party of War.  They lost their place of power over the Klingon Senate when Grishnak killed their clan leader Tiqnagh.  Grishnak gave up his title of War Leader to became the ambassador of the Klingon Empire to the New Republic. He then led the Party for Progress into a position of leadership in the Klingon Senate.  Grishnak is currently serving as Grand Ambassador of the Klingon Empire, and is serving his people with honor.