created by Robert A. Maxwell

Template- Givin Tech
Weight-230 lbs.
A Qoute-Hand me a hydro-spanner, and some duct tape !!

Blaster3D+1, Dodge:5D, Vehicle Blasters:2D+2

Languages:5D, Tactics:4D,Technology:4D, Streetwise:3D+1, Business:5D

Astrogation:5D, Repulsorlift Opps.:5D, Starship Piloting:9D, Sensors:4D+1, Starship Gunnery:4D+2, Starship Shields:4D+2, Capitalship Piloting:4D+2

Bargain:5D, Command:5D+1, Con:2D+1, Investigation:2D+1


Armor Repair:5D+1, Blaster Repair: 5D+2, Demolitions:5D+2, Computer Program/Repair:5D+2, First Aid:5D+1, (A) Medicine:3D, Repulsorlift Repair:5D+1, Security:5D+2, Starship Repair:7D+1, (A)Starship Engineering:7D+1, Droid Program/Repair:5D+2, (A)Droid Engineering:3D

Special Abilities:
Mathematic Skill-Givins get +2D to math-oriented skills, such as astrogation, Language rolls for certain droids, so on so forth.

Survival: Givins are able to survive in complete vaccuums with no health loss or dice penalty.

Force Sen.?-Yes
Force Points-6
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-36

17,150 credits, Blaster repair kit, Droid repair kit, Starship repair kit, 2 Med pacs, glowrod, Security kit, Autopilot remote for ship, The Starsaver, Portable computer w/ ISD link and spike capacility (+2D to Computer rolls, it has 4D Knowledge), Droids-R4-G2 and 31-X

Galdivar was born in the Calsor Asteroid Belt. Galdivar's family life growing up was good, he was the middle child in a large family of prodigies. Galdivar spent his summer working at his uncles starship repair dock learning the trade from a very early age. The young Givin also excelled at droid programming, repair and computer programming. When it came time to transfer his application to the academy, Galdivar instead went to the Orbital Polytechnique University at Talsion. It was during his time at the university while in a heated discussion with a fellow student that he learned about the Rebellion against the Empire. Largely clueless to the evil that the Empire had been committing, Galdivar attempted to defend the Empire and the fellow student he was arguing with offered to show him the truth. Thinking that the Student was full of 'Bantha Poodoo' Galdivar went to see the 'evidence' for himself.

What Galdivar was shown was tapes of Givins being executed and then examined in cruel ways by the Empire. Galdivar was shocked and once the proof was there before his eyes he had no choice but to accept it. Galdivar was left shattered by this proof and offered to help the Rebellion in any way possible. The student offered to put him in touch with the Rebellion and Galdivar offered to help the Rebellion by leading a midnight raid on his Uncles repair junkyard for parts that the Alliance could use. The student took Galdivar to meet with Captain Prine and his assistant Lt. Wayne, it was while the four of them were raiding the junkyard that Emperial forces, tipped off by a Emperial spy, attacked and destroyed the Orbital University and razed Talsion. Galdivar was horrified by this turn of events and stole a space yachet, belonging to the sector's Moff, that was in for repairs from his uncles repair yard. The four of them barely managed to get away from the Emperial forces that chased after them.

Galdivar was now believed to be amongst the dead and let his family believe just that as he joined the Rebellion and became one of the members of the newly formed Mutt Squad. For some time the Mutt Squad operated out of the Stolen ship before some of the other members in the group managed to get ships of their own. Galdivar was always willing to help with repairs or upkeep of the various ships and served with distinction as a pilot and technician. Galdivar operated with the Mutt Squad up until they destroyed the Spartii Clone cylinders as the battle of Endor was going on. After the Empire was toppled Galdivar worked for a brief time with Siener Industries until he developed a Spice addiction. Galdivar disappeared from his office one day and hasn't been seen since.