Fra'nock Alker

created by Justin Jones

Weight-150 lbs
A Quote-Knowledge is power.

Blaster:6D+1, Dodge:6D+1, Firearms:5D, Pick Pocket:, Thrown Weapons:, Melee Combat:

Alien Species:5D,Bureaucrary:,  Cultures: , Languages:5D+1, Planetary Systems: 4D, Survival:4D+1

Archaic Starship Piloting: , Beast Riding: , Sensors: 

Bargain:, Hide:5D+1, Investigate:4D+1, Search:4D+1, Sneak:4D+1.

Brawling:4D+2, Climb/Jump:, Swimming:, Lifting.

Demolitions:, First Aid:, Ground Vehicle Operations:, Security

Special Abilities:
Rock Climbing: All Ebranites gain a +2D bonus to climbing in rough terrain such as mountains, canyons and caves.
Rock Camouflage: All Ebranites gain a +1D+2 bonus to sneak in rocky terrain due to their skin coloration and natural affinity for such places.
Thick Hide:  All Ebranites have a very thick hide, which gains them a +2 Strength bonus against physical damage.
Vision: Ebranites can see in the infrared spectrum, allowing them to see in complete darkness provided there are heat sources.
Frenzy: When in immediate danger, Ebranites will attack the source of danger and get a +1D to brawling. A Ebranite can be calmed by companions, with a Moderate persuasion roll.

Force Sen.?-Yes
Force Points-2
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-5
Move-8 (ground); 14 (Climbing)

Survival Equipment: Including the following: Comlink, Glowrod, 2 Medpacs, a survival tent, clothes for different environments, a rain poncho, a 2 month supply of M.R.E. (Meals Ready to Eat),  a Blaster pistol (4D, 3-10/30/120, Ammo: 100), a Blaster Rifle (5D, 3-30, 100, 300, Ammo:100), a Slug-thrower (3D+2, 3-5, 8-10, 12-15, Ammo:15), a sword (Str+1D+2) and a Vibro-blade (Str+1D+2)

Born on the planet Ebra, Fna'Nock was part of the clan wars and wasn't treated very well. The first chance he had to run Fna'Nock stole his fathers ship and took off into the galaxy to explore and find somewhere else to call home. After a bit of exploration he wound up on Coruscant exploring...