Filva Intukwantanbe

created by Chris McDowell.

Template-Repair Tech
Height-4’9” (9’11” upright)
Weight-632 Lbs

A Quote-“If I can’t do something, I’ll make somebody who can.”

Blaster:4D+2, Dodge:4D+2, Running:4D+1

Technology Scholar:2D, Languages:3D, Spec: Terran:3D+1, Alien Species:2D, Cultures:2D.

Power suit Ops.: 3D+1, Space Transport piloting:4D+1, Starship Shields:3D+1, Communication:3D+1

Bargain:2D, Gambling: 1D+2, Forgery:4D.

Brawling:6D+2, Stamina:8D, Spec-Desert Survival:5D, Lifting:4D+1

Computer Program/Repair:7D+1, Droid Program/Repair:8D+1, Advanced: Droid Engineer8D, First Aid:4D+1, Security:6D, Armor Repair: 7D+1, Space Trans. Repair:6D, Starship Wpn. Repair:5D+2, Blaster Repair:7D+1.

Special Abilities:
Filvians are quick studies of technology. At time of creation, they receive 2D for every one placed in any technical skills. As desert creatures, Filvians have great stamina. Filvians automatically have +2D in stamina and survival: desert. Thus, they can advance ”survival: desert” and ”stamina” until 8D at half cost. Can go up to 30 days without food and water. When encountering new mechanical devices must make a Moderate willpower roll at a –1D penalty or will be unable to prevent themselves from examining the device. Have an initial fear and now festering contempt of the Empire because of its prejudice against aliens.

Force Sen.?- No
Force Points- 2
Darkside Points- 0
Character Points- 39

3 Clothing changes with 2 tool kits concealed in stomach packs Techscanner = adds 1D to all repair rolls, Extra Blaster Pistol, Filvian Power suit, Concealed mini-blaster on wrist-slide mechanism, modified Blaster, 46 Gold Bars – each weighing 20 pounds each.

Droids: R2 Med Droid, R2 Repair/Technical Unit, R4 Offense/Defense, C34D Protocol/Bargain, G6PO Protocol, Mouse1 video/audio/translator, Mouse2 messenger/cargo carrier/with ejector pad, Mouse3 maintenance/cleaning, Palette of Miscellaneous Parts, Dogbot - specially made to simulate a live dog, including a new feature that allows the dog to excrete an edible substance that looks like poop.

Filva Intukwantanbe was born on the desert planet of Filve, as one of three siblings. Filva’s older sister had died due to a breathing disorder while Filva was merely 12 years old. His older brother left home at an early age to pursue great fortunes. Their home was located in the sun-parched expanse of the desert planet and Filva grew accustomed to the harsh sandstorms and blazing heat of his planet. Although Filvians do not frequently bathe due to the fact that their frequent shedding of hair keeps them clean, Filva often swam in the Uncrati Sea, a high-salt content body of water located 43 kilometers from his home.

He did this to temper himself in preparation for cooler climates and to condition himself with plenty of running, as he always somehow knew he wouldn’t stay on Filve forever. Filva attended his home planet’s very prestigious Muntechitolibariki Academy on an honor scholarship due to his high intellect and proficiency for technical repair and engineering. This was quite an honor because as it stands, Filvians are renowned for their innate technical skills and mechanical creativity. To be given a scholarship at what is likely the most prestigious technical Academy in the Universe is quite a feat. His father, mother, uncle, and siblings were all proud of him.

Shortly after graduating from the academy Filva took a job at the spaceport in Filvia, the largest metropolitan city on Filve. Filvia is the premiere spaceport in that sector and all surrounding sectors specializing in technical and mechanical enhancements. Pilots come to the city from all over with large amounts of credits ready in order to get the best upgrades money can buy. Filva worked in a space transport repair shop which also did quite a bit of droid repair and programming. In his spare time he’d work diligently on learning all he could about droids and about ship modifications so that one day he could hope to be among the best. He’d also get tips from the spaceport’s visitors on piloting, as he’d always wanted to learn to pilot a ship though he wasn’t that great at it, after all, he understood the mechanics, why not learn to operate it all.

It was during this time at the Filvian spaceport that he met Rance Kellor, an YT-1100 pilot with a penchant for finding old-world items such as cigars (what a bizarre concept for Filvians) and hats and cloaks from long ago. During several trips to Filve, Rance always came back to Filva for his modifications and repairs. Through jovial dialogue and inquiries about piloting Filva discovered Rance was in need of a co-pilot. Rance offered him the job and a long-lasting friendship was born. With the pay Rance provided and the financing they received by running errands around the universe, Filva added a few modifications to the YT-1100. He also saved some money up in order to purchase his own mechanical gear to tinker with. Filva loved experimenting with droids and blasters –to refine them and make them do things most people would not expect.

During his time as a co-pilot and resident mechanic on the “Queen” as Rance called it (why would a ship be called a Queen when it has no placement in royalty? – silly humans), Filva met and befriended several shipmates. Among those to become close friends were Jedi Knight Shubquix Rendilli - a wise fellow who shared a love of all that was mechanical and had a few tricks of his own, Jedi Padawan Kae' Caballa – a young yet impressively adaptable friend who seemed to be wise beyond his years despite the fact he was in training (although quite over his head when it came to swimming), and Grishnak the Klingon – who was quite temperamental and paranoid (especially when it came to dogs), J.S. Boggins – a bizarre and quirky older chap who always seemed like he had someplace else he needed to be, and Raven – a young vivacious woman whom became infatuated with Rance the moment she met him (and who would eventually marry Rance on New Alderan).

During the adventures of this motley crew, Filva came to know them all better. Several things that happened in their adventures helped him to bond with these friends. Filva’s brother had been abducted by the Empire and brainwashed into working for them - a fact that overshadowed Filva until the even sadder event of his death relieved Filva of his worry. Filva also witnessed the execution of his mother and father – by his very own uncle, who turned out to be a spy for the Empire. The loss of his family served as a means to an end. Filva would bond with these individuals and stay with them throughout their journeys, as now, they ‘were’ his family.

Throughout the course of their journeys together, Filva acquired several droids (a meager start to his droid army he had designs for). The entire party of friends once came upon a deserted (and halfway destroyed) pirate base concealed in an asteroid, which Filva went to great lengths to restore so that the group could often use it as their “home away from home.”

Eventually Rance traded in the YT-1100 for an YT-2400, and it was on this newer ship that Filva did his most impressive work. He repaired and installed a high-quality holographic device they’d discovered, so that he could program it to project into the lounge area whatever images he desired – all from the secret control panel in his co-pilot’s quarters. He customized the co-pilot’s chair in the cockpit in order to compensate for his larger frame and installed an especially adhesive chair in order to capture his shedded hair and form a cushiony seat. Also while on this ship he created more droids, including one that he put many hours and money into in order to make it appear to be a real-live dog. With this dog and the holographic projection he often tortured the paranoid Klingon to the extent that the dog could be programmed to defecate in the Klingon’s shoe. And with the somewhat unwilling help of the Klingon, Filva also installed for Rance, a compartment system above-head that would effectively double the storage capacity of the ship.

But Filva got as much out of those adventures as he put into them. He learned much from his companions on these adventures, benefiting from the brawling techniques of the Grishnak, the piloting skills of Rance, and the patience of Kae. Most importantly of all, Filva gained several lifelong friends.