Lt. Garel Drayson

created by Keith A. Kilburn

Template- Slicer
Weight-155 lbs
A Quote: Sure, I found the records you're looking for, deciphering them is gonna be another story.

Blaster:4D+1, Dodge:4D+2, Pick Pockets:, Running:3D, Thrown Weapons:3D+1

Business, Streetwise:, Value:, Bureaucracy: 4D+2, (SP) Bureaucracy-Imperial: 6D, Planetary Systems: 4D, Languages: 4D+2, (SP) Languages: Terran: 5D+2, Cultures: 4D

Repulsorlift Opps.:3D, Sensors:3D, Swoop operations, Space Transports Piloting:2D+1, Starship Gunnery:3D

Bargain, Con: 4D, Forgery: 4D, Hide, Sneak: 4D, Persuasion, Search: 4D

Climb / Jump, Lifting, Swimming, Stamina:

 Computer Program and Repair: 6D, (SP) Computer Program and Repair: Imperial: 7D, Droid Program and repair, Repulsorlift Repair, Security:6D, (SP) Security-Imperial: 7D, Demolitions: 4D+2

Force Sen.?-No
Force Points-2
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-18

A hold out Blaster, 10 datapads filled with Imperial information, an Imperial laptop w/ deciphering and code breaking programs (+1D to all computer and security rolls)


Garel was a computer programmer that was born on Corellia and got into the business of slicing very early on. He would have gotten a job with 'Sutch' or 'Nici the spider' had he not been busted on his way to a lucrative job interview with Yen Foccta, a crime boss. The Empire told him it was really simple, he had two choices. He could either come to work for them as a computer analyst and programmer, breaking codes and captured intelligence or...he could die.

Garel believed in the rights of all living beings to live free so he immediately joined the Empire and was shipped out to some backwater planet where he suffered under Imperial tyranny as they squashed the planet and stole its resources before members of the Mutt Squad finally arrived. He had no idea what he was getting himself into when he volunteered to help drive the new 'officers' around. It took them less than six hours to break cover and go rogue, taking Lt. Drayson with them.

Garel joined the newly founded Terran rebellion and immediately went bush as he desperately wanted to fire a starship gun, he had dreamt of it since childhood and the second he had a chance to do just that he was on it like white on rice. When the Empire fled the system, Garel helped the Republic get the people of Earth back on their feet and then left Earth with the republic. Rumor has it that Garel is now working for Republic Intelligence under Commander Thom Wayne.