Cid Galleon

created by Derek 'Dude' Thornton

Cid Galleon
Template- Smuggler
Sex- Male
Species- Panathian Human
Height- 6'0"
Weight-180 lbs.
DOB-67 years ABY

A Quote- "I ain't in this for your Republic sweetheart! I expect to be well paid for all this!"

Blaster:9D, Dodge:8D, Melee Combat 6D+1, Grenade:3D+2, Running:4D+1, Vehicle Blaster, Missile Weapons:4D, Firearms:3D+1

Alien Species:4D+1, Planetary Systems:3D+1, Cultures:5D+2, Galactic Creatures:2D+2, Intimidation:3D+1, Languages:5D+1, (S) Jawa: 5D, Streetwise:5D, Value:4D+1, Tactics:5D+2, Bureaucracy: 3D+1, Etiquette: 2D+2

Astrogation:6D, Repulsorlift Opps.:5D+1, Space transports:7D, (S) Baivan-Burton Skyfire:12D, Starship Shields:6D+2, Sensors:6D+1, Swoop Ops. 4D+1, Starship Gunnery:6D+1, Communications:4D+2, Beast Riding, Ground Vehicle Operation:5D

Bargain:4D, Con:4D+1, Forgery:3D+1, Gambling, Hide:3D+2, Search:6D, Sneak:6D, Persuasion:4D, Command:5D+2

Brawling:6D+2, (S) Panathin Boxing:8D+2, Stamina:4D+1, Climb/Jump:4D+2, Swimming, Lifting

Blaster Repair, Computer Program and Repair, Droid Program and Repair, First Aid: 5D, Repulsorlift Repair:3D+1, Security:3D+1, Space transports Repair:6D, (S) Space transports repair-Baivan Burton:7D+2, Starship Weapon Repair:3D+1, Demolitions:3D+1, Capital Ship Repair:3D+2

Force Sen. ?-No
Force Points- 3
Darkside Points- 0
Character Points- 21
Hero Points- 3
Move- 10

Blaster Carbine (5D, 3-25/50/250), "Thunder" Heavy Blaster (6D+2 3-7/25/50), Vibro-Knife (Str+3D, Diff-15), Kresh-luck armor (Worn under clothes) (+2D to phy., +1D to ene., no Dex penalty), Stun Gloves (Str+2D stun Diff-Easy), Comlink, 23101 credits, 1 Medpac, Macro-binoculars (+3D to medium and long range searches), Automap / Datapad and his ship and crew, the IceFire with "Cordy" and R6-D4.

Things that are stored on the IceFire: Blaster Rifle in Quarters (5D, 3-30/100/300), Blaster Pistol in cockpit (4D, 3-10/30/120), Ion Gun (4D,3-10/30/50), Heavy Blaster Pistol (2) (5D+1, 3-7/25/50), Vibro-blade under pillows in quarters, Force Pike (Str+2D), 2 Fragmentation Mines, 3 medpacs (1 Human, 1 Luxan, 1 Wookie), Re-breathers and space suits to fit his crew, 200 meters of syntherope, droid and starship repair kits and 2 glow rods.

Hey, how are ya’? My name is Cid Galleon. So you want to know my story, huh? I thought we said ‘No questions’? Oh well, what’s good Terusian Ale without a good story to go with it? I’m sure you want to know the basics: Who are you really and what were you before? What did you do and what did you think? To be honest, my story isn’t any better than anyone else’s. Sure there are some high notes and some points of interest, but I’m nothing more than a regular guy trying to make it in the galaxy. My story starts on the only thing worth mentioning in the Pacanth system, Panatha, my home world.

The Pacanth system is imbedded deep in Imperial space and fringes close to uncharted wild space. Panatha is the only planet of note due to its lone ability to sustain life in the system. Panatha is beautiful and lush; rolling hills and open plains fill its many continents. There is an abundance of all natural resources and many animals to food and livestock. As rich in culture as it is in nature, the people of my world are lofty, wealthy people, who, for the most part, seek only to further the own wealth with more servants and bigger houses than they really need. My family is, of course, no exception. I was born the third son to Ewan and Ney Galleon of House Galleon. With two older brothers, a younger brother and sister, the family helped our father run his business, Galleon Shipping Industries.

My father had made himself rich early in his life. He had worked hard and made name for himself as a good pilot who was timely and reliable with his shipments. We worked hard and eventually his work paid off. My father had become the head of the second largest shipping house on the planet and he named his successful, young business after the family so that it could be passed down through his line in both name and title. My two oldest siblings, Nix and Dax, were being groomed for the business side of the shipping industry; they were to be my father’s aids and trusted advisors. Panatha has a history of corporate takeovers and cues and my father did not want to lose the business he had worked so hard to build. He felt deeply about having his family be involved in the business he did not want to gain wealth at the cost of his love ones.

Mom spent most of her life in comfort and luxury, and so after marrying my father, she continued he life of laziness and decadence. She wanted nothing more than to run the house via an army of servants and hand maidens. She bore my father four boys before finally giving birth to a girl, Zel. That, it seems is what my mother was wanting all along. She had her own living doll, someone to dress and teach as she saw fit. My younger brother, Leon and I were left to our own devices. While Leon found solace with his friends, talking about history of before the dark times, before the Empire, I found my first and most true love, piloting.

My father let me fly some of the ships in his fleet for both on planet and near-system runs. It was what I enjoyed in life more than anything; the speed, the maneuvers, the science, all of it. I even got in a little trouble here and there, trying to outrun the Centurions on their hover chariots and even a TIE fighter a time or two. Of course, my mother disapproved of my antics; she would spend hours whining of what the other families would think of one of her children being so dangerous and disrespectful. Like I cared, I did what I did because I enjoyed it and because I wanted to wrap myself up in something like everyone else in my family had.

I wasn’t fond of school, not that I wasn’t good at it mind you, I just had no interest in joining the army or becoming a senator. The only reason I went was because of Oola. Hhmmph, Oola Marie Hewlett, now that is a beautiful woman, in both mind and body. She was a student of cultures and history at the Academy with me and she loved the finer things in life, not the greed most people of our world were so concerned with. She was someone I could talk to, someone that I connected to and after a short friendship, we became involved.

“Nothing gold can stay.” my dad always says, and I guess he was right about me and Oola. Not long after our romance started, I ran away from home and from Panatha. In an explosion reminiscent of the Death Stars, I lashed out at my family for being so wrapped up in there life’s. The Empire had done a sweep of the Academy and executed an estimated 25 “Rebel sympathizers” and while no trial nor real evidence was presented in there death, the Empire expected there to be no question and no opposition to their decision. I had had enough and was tired of everything in Panatha; the culture, the slavery, the lofty, the people and the Empire. I left with little warning; only a short letter for my family and a small recorded message for Oola let them all know what had happened to me. I had hitched a ride as a co-pilot on a supply vessel, and as I looked to see my home world fade into the darkness with a thousand other worlds, I didn’t know that I would not come home for another ten years.

The Enix Fantasy, the ship I had left Panatha on was an older, highly modified Baivon-Burton design, and in reality was not a supply ship at all, but a Republic scouting vessel. The Republic was in search of smugglers and traders to move supplies across Imperial sectors hoping to outfit small pockets of resistance fighters and start small rebellions on many different worlds at once. I jumped at the chance to make a couple credits and to get back at the Empire for imposing their rule on my world and countless others. Those, however, were not the only reasons I set out on my dangerous, “criminal” life. I wanted my mother to have to say that one of her children was mixed up in all the insanity of “an uncultured, barbaric galaxy.”

I ran from one side of the galaxy to the other and met all kinds of “people” in-between. I dealt with Hutts, evaded bounty hunters, out ran the Empire and made quite the name for myself as a scoundrel and a smuggler. I was good at my job and I guess I came by it naturally. I ran cargo for different people on different ships until I couldn’t stand it any longer; I had to have a ship of my own. I wanted to run the cargo I wanted to run and run it when I wanted. After some thirteen years of being someone’s pilot, I made a deal with the Republic to work off a debt for a ship they had purchased for me. It was a Baivon-Burton design, similar to the Enix Fantasy and it was love at first sight. I named her The Icefire. I thought the duality of the name sounded cool. It was about the time I got the Icefire that I ran into who would become the best friend a smuggler could ever ask for, a jedi named Oaki-Jinn.

Oaki is I guess you could say my moral anchor. I got so caught up in trying to take care of myself and making credits that I had forgotten what it was to do some good in the universe. I was still upset with my family, mad at the Empire, and angry at anyone who got in my way; my anger as I was told on many occasions, would some day be the death of me. Over time I came to respect the jedi for all the wisdom he had in his young life, not to mention his command over the Force, it was like something in a holo-vid, like the tales of the Ancient Jedi. Some of the things I’ve seen this kid do are just amazing. Anybody wielding that kind of power and still maintaining the calm he does, that requires respect, and the kid has mine. He is my closest friend and confidant, and someone that I would trust with my life, so trust me when I say this, I don’t say that often.

The two of us have traveled all over the galaxy, running tons of jobs for the Republic and taking all sorts of missions trying to finally get rid of the Empire. The kid even managed to convince me of how enlisting and joining the Republic was the right thing, sort of like removing the middle man from the equation. I could take the fight straight to the front lines instead of skirting a battle here and there, and now look at me, a general! Ha!

Sometimes I still can’t believe how far I’ve come since leaving Panatha. I guess that’s how life happens, not exactly like you plan it. It’s kind of like smuggling, now that I think about it. The aristocrat who became a rebel, who became a smuggler, who became a gun runner, who became a general; sounds kind of catchy, maybe I should write a book or something….