Antony Carlito

created by Timothy Moss

Weight-190 lbs.
A Quote-I've got you in my sights...

Blaster:4D+2, (S)Rifle:8D, (S)Pistol:7D, (S)Light-repeater:5D+2, Brawling parry:4D+2, Melee combat:4D+2, (S)Vibro-knife:6D, Grenade:4D+2, Heavy weapons:4D+2, Dodge:5D

Streetwise:5D, Technology:4D, Tatics:5D, Business:4D+2, Streetwise:5D+2

Astrogation:4D, Repulsorlift Opps:4D+2, Starship Piloting:5D, Starship Shields:5D, Starship Weapons:5D, Powersuit Opps.:5D

Bargain:5D, Command:5D, Command:Geist Squad Stormtroopers:6D, Sneak:5D

Brawling:5D, Climb/Jump:5D, Lifting:5D

Security:5D, Demolitions:5D

Force Sen. ?- No
Force Points-1
Darkside Points-2
Character Points- 2
Move- 10

Uniform, Blastvest and helmet (+1D to phy., +1 to Ene.), Blaster Pistol (4D,3-10/30/130), Blaster Rifle (5d, 3-30/100/300,Ammo:100), Light repeater(6D, 2 free shots,3-30/130/300, Ammo:6), Vibro-knife (diff.-15, Str+3D), Thermal Detonater (10D/8D/5D/2D, 0-2/8/12/20), 2 Frag. Grenades (5D/4D/3D/2D, 0-2/4/6/10)

Anthony Carlito's Past before he joined the Rebellion is shrouded in the sands of time, he is believed to have come from Dantoonine but It's uncertain as to weather or not that is true. Anthony showed a certain aptitude and moral flexibility towards Special force's work and as a result was inducted into the Spec-Forces branch of the Rebellion. Anthony was well trained and served with the 'Geist' Squad on many assignments before he and his squad were ambushed on the back water planet of Tatooine, in the ruins of what use to be a settlement of sometype.

They had went to the godforsaken planet to get valuable information on a new Imperial superweapon that rivaled the force of the Deathstar.

What they found was a small army of Stormtroopers waiting for them, boxed in and cut off from reinforcements the 'Geist' Squad was cut to pieces and Of the two Dozen members of the 'Geist' Squadron only Anthony Carlito, Taise Majaro and a Gelfling Scout named Dinnen Baerne manage to make it out of the ambush alive. The three of them crossed the desert managing to avoid Sand People and other things far worse then them before reaching Mos Eisley were they split up and attempted to find seperate ways back to the Rebellion HQ.

It was during his search of Mos Eisley that Anthony ran into a group of Rebel's, One of much having made some sort of ruckus over a Wookie Child being sold at a slave auction, realizing that they were probably his only chance of getting off planet Anthony helped free the young Wookie from the Slave auction and also helped what turned out to be members of the Mutt-Squad escape from bounty hunters who were searching for Stromgald Cabala, the fallen Jedi who had attempted to free the young Wookie Kabarra.

Anthony managed to escape from Tatooine with the members of the Mutt-Squad and served with them on a limited basis before he was re-assigned to the newly reformed Geist Squad, which he served with until after the battle of Endor.

What happen to Carlito after the battle of Endor to change him so drasticly isn't known, but he showed up as a member of a slaving ring on Yazar-5 and fought against some of his old friends and new members of the Mutt-Squad. Carlito was captured, but escaped and went underground working against the new Republic. Carlito hadn't been seen for almost fifteen years and only recently showed up on Filvus running his own version of the Imperial Youth academy and a massive slave operation on the planet. Carlito and his troops encountered Shubquix Rendelli and his Padawan Kae' Cabala as well as what is now considered to be the new Mutt-Squad. The Jedi's failed to stop the slaving ring and have vowed to go back and do just that.