Bracken N'Dar

created by Owen 'Big O' Barron, art by MDiPascale

Template-Ship's Gunner
Weight-325 lbs
DOB-74 years ABY
A Quote-We shall see what they have to say after I've fired the guns.

Blaster:5D+2, Blaster Artillery:4D, Dodge3D+2, Grenade, Melee Combat:6D, Missile weapons, Running, Vehicle Blasters

Intimidation:3D, Law-Enforcement, Planetary systems, Streetwise, Survival, Tactics:3D, Willpower

Beast Riding, Capital Ship Gunnery, Communications, Ground Vehicle Ops., Powersuit Ops. Repulsorlift ops. Sensors, Starship Gunnery:6D+2, Swoop Ops., Walker Ops..

Bargain, Command, Gambling:3D, Hide, Persuasion, Search:3D, Sneak

Brawling:6D, Climb/Jump, Lifting, Stamina:5D+2, Swimming

Armor Repair, Blaster Repair, Capital Ship Weapon Repair, Demolitions, First Aid, Ground Vehicle Repair, Repulsorlift Repair, Security, Starship Weapon Repair:4D, Walker Repair.

Special Abilities:
Luxans gain a plus +1D to their brawling skill when attempting to strike with their tongue. The tongue does STR+2 damage, though it should be noted that it is normally aimed at the head or eyes. (Called shot)

Tough Skin:
Luxan skin is extremely damage resistant due to Bloodshock. Roll an extra Wild Die when resisting damage.

Bloodshock (1 on the wild)
Luxan blood becomes toxic when exposed to the open air. Unless the blood vessels are manually stimulated to clean out the toxins and begin to clot (an easy First Aid roll) , the Luxan's condition will worsen one level every five minutes. Whenever a Luxan takes damage and rolls a 1 the skin has been punctured. The poison is reflected by the increased damage (if any was taken). A Luxan must roll vs. Natural Healing every 5 minutes with a -2 to the Str roll. A successful roll does not mean that the wound is healed, but that the skin has. A failed roll will cause a further damage.

Force Sen.?-No
Force Points-2
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-11

Luxan Qualta Blade (5D (Pulse Cannon), STR+3D (Sword), 3-30/100/200, Ammo:50), 4 clips of ammo, Force Pike (Str+2D), Headset comlink, Medpac, A bar on Ord Mandell and 2 Serving / Dancing women.


Picked up by the squad on the planet Kalarba, Bracken worked with the group for a number of months before leaving for greener pastures...