J.S. Boggins

created by Ronnie Rich

Template-Former Brash Pilot, now Jedi Master
Weight-225 lbs.
DOB-23 years BBY
A Quote-The Force is an energy field created by all living things.

Blaster:5D+1, Dodge:5D, Brawling Parry:3D+1, Melee Combat:3D+1, Vehicle Blasters:3D+1, Lightsaber:9D+2

Intimidation:2D+1, Planetary Systems:2D+1, Value:2D+2, Alien Species:2D+2, Languages:3D, (S) Jawa:3D+2, (S) Hutt:3D+1, (S)Wookie:5D, Scholar: Jedi Lore:10D+2, Willpower:3D+1

Astrogation:6D, Communications:4D+1, Sensors:5D, Starship Piloting:7D, (S) X-wing Piloting:10D, (S) Y-wing Piloting:7D, Starship Gunnery:8D, Starship Shields:5D, Capital ship Piloting:4D+1, Repulsorlift Opps.:5D

Command:5D, Con:3D+1, Gambling:4D, (S)Sabacc:6D, Persuasion:3D+1, Search:3D+1

Brawling:3D+1, Stamina:5D, Swimming:3D+1, Climb/Jump:5D

Droid Program/Repair:3D+1, Repulsorlift Repair:3D+1, Starship Repair:5D, First Aid:5D, (A)Medicine:2D+1, Computer Program/Repair:3D+1, Lightsaber Repair:7D

Special Abilities:
Force Powers-
-Control- 12D+1
Concentration, Accelerate Healing, Reduce Injury, Hibernation Trance, Control Pain, Emptiness, Detoxify Poison, Absorb / Dissipate Energy

Life Detection, Life Sense, Receptive Telepathy, Sense Force, Magnify Senses, Instinctive Astrogation, Postcognition, Beast Languages, Translation, Danger Sense, Sense Force Potential


Accelerate Another's Healing, Control Another's Pain, Control Breathing, Transfer Force

Projective Telepathy, Lightsaber Combat, Farseeing

Lesser Force Shield

Affect Mind, Regeneration

Force Sen.?- Yes
Force Points- 15
Darkside Points- 0
Character Points- 2

Lightsaber (5D, Diff-20), 7400 credits, Medpac, Headset Comlink, Sabacc deck, Alderan Medal of Honor, Astromech Droid-R2-C4 and his X-wing "Bess"


Joshua Samuel Boggins was born on Labwind-Yarbur in the years after the clone wars, he grew up never really believing in the Jedi or 'The force' never knowing that he in fact was force sensitive. J.S. Boggins grew up a hotshit bush pilot in the Rinoch sector. Boggins was flying freighter hauls for his dad at the age of sixteen and probably would have made a fantastic Imperial Pilot had he opted to go in that direction. Boggins watched as the Empire moved in and took over the thriving businesses on Labwind-Yarbur, Boggins and his girlfriend at the time had been talking about marriage and when the chance to join the Rebellion came up he leapt at it figuring that it would be his chance to get them off of Labwind-Yarbur and to safety. Kara left him, never telling him that she was pregnant, a fact that he wouldn't find out until after the war. Boggins joined the Rebellion and was assigned to Red Squadron, but missed the battle of Yavin due to his being unable to get to Yavin-4 in time for the battle. Boggins hoped that he would be placed in the reforming Red Squadron (Name renamed 'the Rogue Squadron'.) but instead was assigned to Commander Prine's 'Mutt Squad' a fact that didn't sit to well with the young Pilot.

Boggins attempted to assume a leadership role and found his efforts rebuffed, on top of that he had a tendency not to listen when given direct orders. It would take two months of peeling potatoes to break him of that habit. Prine's second in command Captain Anthony Wayne made sure that Boggins understood that for every action there would be a reaction and it was under Captain Wayne that Boggins made the change from a pain in the ass, to a solider fit to be in the Rebellion. Boggins served alongside the Mutt Squad as they helped to destroy both the Emperor class star destroyer 'The Palpatine' as well as the scaled down Deathstar 'The Tarkin'. Boggins was rewarded an X-Wing when Akiva refused to take it, feeling that Boggins deserved it far more then she did. During this time Boggins became interested in the force after seeing Akiva do something that he himself couldn't do with all his skill. It took some convincing but Boggins finally got Akiva to agree to train him, or at least show him the basics. To both Akiva and Stromgald's surprise Boggins turned out to be extremely force sensitive and quickly adapted to using the force, much like he did as a fighter pilot.

Akiva gave Boggins the Jedi Robes that were suppose to be for her, Boggins had them re-tailored and wore them with pride. Boggins helped destroy the Sparti-clone cylinders with the Mutt Squad as the rest of the Rebellion was dealing with the battle of Endor. Realizing that the fight for freedom was over Boggins thoughts turned back to Kara and so he went back to Labwind-Yarbur to find her. What Boggins found instead was that she was missing and that she had been pregnant when he had left. Boggins searched for her for a couple of years before returning back to Coruscant where he took up a teaching position at a fighter pilot training school. The Mutt Squad reformed and Boggins left his position at the school and once more stood alongside his friends. Six months after the team reformed Boggins got information as to where Kara was and at the same time was summoned to the planet Pagoda. Kara had married the Imperial Moff of Pagoda, a highly placed Republic Spy. It was there that Boggins meet Jedi Master Ulrich Nunis and it was he who gave Boggins his trial for Knighthood. All Boggins need do is control his emotions and do the one thing that he shouldn't do. Boggins didn't understand what the old man meant and went off to contact Kara, endangering the group and drawing attention to the group every time he used the force. Boggins quickly became aware of the fact that Inquisitor Tremayne was on the planet and chose not to heed the warnings of Ulrich. Boggins realized to late that he had placed not only The Moff, Kara and his daughter Lilly in danger, but himself, the squad and Ulrich as well.

Boggins helped Stromgald and Akiva confront Tremayne and in fact the three of them defeated him, but when they returned to Ulrich he informed Boggins that he had failed in his trials. Boggins left dejected and mad at the elder Jedi little realizing that this was a further test of his maturity. Boggins returned a short while later and apologized, he and Ulrich spoke a great length about his actions and when Boggins admitted his wrongdoings in the matter Ulrich granted him Knighthood. A short while later Boggins received word that both The Moff, Kara and Lilly had been killed in a hovercar bombing as retaliation against him. Boggins was shaken to his core and it was through the help of the Galaxies greatest Private Investigator Thomas S. Blastech that he discovered that his daughter had escaped the vehicle seconds before it exploded.

It would take almost a year before Boggins would find his daughter and have to kill Jhadas Phur to get her back, it would cost him his Master Ulrich and his right hand. Boggins took some time off to recover, but resumed his adventures with the Mutt Squad. Helping them when they got lost in space, helping to train Otas Caballa and then Shubquix Rendelli in the Jedi Arts. Boggins went into business with Harry the Jawa on Tatoonine and watched Tinian I'att grow from a girl into a young woman. Boggins biggest Failure came when Otas turned to the Darkside and attempted to strike his master down, Boggins suffered a sever leg wound and it was only his skill as a Jedi that saved both him and Shubquix Rendelli. Otas went underground before Boggins could find him and it would be almost ten years before he would see his former student again. Boggins, Akiva and Ket Mestle had discovered a prophecy that foretold of a Jedi knight who would bring about the downfall of the sith, Boggins thought at first that it was in fact him that the prophecy foretold. Shubquix pointed out that according to the prophecy that the Jedi Knight would come about during a time of great conflict, that he would come from humble origins and that he would be the son of a son of a Jedi Knight.

Akiva and Ket both pointed out that Kae' fit that description, but Boggins wasn't convinced. Shubquix brought the prophecy before the council much to everyone's dismay and Luke Skywalker charged Shubquix with the task of training Kae'. Boggins left the academy at this time feeling as though Luke had made a mistake and bummed around for a while before he hooked up with the Mutt Squad, disguising himself as a ship mechanic he took it upon himself to test Kae' and did just that until Shubquix had enough and exposed him. Boggins would soon take over Shubquix's teaching position when the Quarren died in combat against a sithlord. Boggins taught Kae' to the best of his abilities and prepared him to do battle with the sith, it wasn't long before Kae' and Boggins both were ready for their Trials. Boggins was to prevent war from breaking out on Thermyscria 2 and Kae's was to overthrow a Sith Master on Gonmo. Boggins followed after his Padawan and rather then complete his trial allowed for the invasion of Thermyscria 2 to happen. Boggins sensed the disturbance in the force, but arrived to late as the Hunters had invaded the planet and the Sith presence could be felt. It took the combined efforts of Boggins, Kae and Wald to route the hunters, Save the queen of the Thermyscrians and Defeat not one, but two sith that day. Once more Boggins lost his hand in the battle but became a Jedi Master in the process. Boggins recovered and found himself having to deal with the fact that Raven and Rance were falling in love with one another. The Council granted Boggins his wish of opening an academy on Dantooine if not for any reason other then to get rid of him. Boggins opened the academy gathering a few students and had just enough time to attend Rance and Raven's wedding before returning to his teaching position. Most recently Wald has been assigned to Boggins, neither is sure who is being punished in this ordeal.