Thomas S. Blastech

created by Derek "Dude" Thornton

Template-Private Investigator
Species-Human; Human replica cyborg.
Weight-204 lbs.
DOB-The real Blastech:27 years BBY. The Cyborg: 9 years ABY
A Quote-Have you ever seen the sun come up in the morning?

Blaster:7D, Dodge:9D, Grenade:6D, Melee Combat:7D, Melee Parry:5D, Running:7D, Vehicle Blasters:7D, Firearms:5D+1, Missile Weapons:5D

Cultures:6D, Intimidation:7D, Languages:7D, Streetwise:6D, Value:3D+2, Bureacracy:5D, Law Enforcement:3D+2, Scholar:3D+2, Planetary Systems:4D

Astrogation:5D, Sensors:5D, Repulsorlift Opps.:6D, Starship Piloting:7D, Starship Shields:6D, Starship Gunnery:6D, Swoop Opps.:4D+1

Forgery:6D, Sneak:7D, Search:7D, (S)Tracking:8D, Investigation:10D+1, Gambling:4D+2, Command:4D+1, Con:5D, Persuasion:5D

Brawling:6D, Lifting:7D, Stamina:4D+1, Climb/Jump:4D+1

Armor Repair:3D, Computer Program/Repair:7D, Droid Program/Repair:6D, First Aid:5D, Security:7D, Starship Repair:6D, Demolitions:6D, Blaster Repair:3D

Cyber Points-5
Force Sen. ?-No
Force Points-3
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-41

.45 Caliber Pistol-(3D+1, 7/15/20, Ammo-17+1), Modified Silenced Blaster Carbine (5D, 3-30/100/300, Ammo-25), 2 Frag Grenades (5D/ 4D/3D/2D,0-2/4/6/10), Vibro-Blade (Str+3D, Diff-15), Verti-go Line caster (4D+2, 10 feet-15 meters, retractable line with hook), B.F.G.-Predator Hunting Rifle-(7D,3-30/80/350, Ammo-8), P.I. License, 100 ft syntherope, 1 glowrod, Lighter, Pack of Cigars, Hand-held Holocam, Comlink, His own Battle-Armor

When he has those really tough cases he has the following equipment:
Blast vest (+1D to phy., +1 pip to ene.), 61, 186 Credits, Tech Scanner (+1D to all repair rolls), TerexComm Data Search Engine (requires an Easy Computer Program/Repair roll, adds 1D+2 to Computer Program/Repair and 2D to Security), Executive TerexComm Data Search engine (requires an Easy Computer Program/Repair roll, adds +2D to Computer Program/ Repair), and a trench coat that will hold Damn-near anything.....

The real Thomas S. Blastech was born on the small backwater planet of Petroff, his father was an Imperial naval officer as was his grandfather and it was expected that Thomas would be as well. Thomas was in the junior year in the academy when news that the Empire had destroyed Alderan had reached him while on spring break. Thomas disbelieved the report at first and when it became quickly apparent that the report was true Thomas left the Academy, jumped on a ship to Labwind-Yarbur where he was able to meet up with a Rebel contact and it was there that he joined the Rebellion. Thomas Served with distinction in the Rebellion over the next three years and was even at the battle of Hoth. Blastech served as an intelligence officer and while on leave at one of the Rebel bases he met Simonella and through events that are still not clear managed to save the droid makers life. It was also during this time that Blastech began suffering through some medical problems and during a routine check up it was discovered that Blastech had cancer and in fact was dieing. Simonella was touched by the plight of his savior and offered to help him, Simonella offered to construct a Cyborg Human replica chassis for Blastech's brain. The only problem is that it would take time to construct. Blastech agreed and left the Rebellion with Simonella who cared for his friend before having a 2-1B droid surgically removed Blastech's brain and keep it in storage.

Blastech's brain was placed into the chassis when the construction was finished but wasn't brought online as Simonella had a run in with Slissler and the Blastech body was kidnapped. Slissler downloaded 31-X's memory into the cybernetic control core, but kept the brain offline figuring that Blastech would never know what was going on. Giving 31-X a data file on Blastech Slissler made the droid impersonate the former intelligence officer turned Private Investigator. 31-X impersonated Blastech for almost three years before a run in with Slissler that resulted in Slissler's and Guri's destruction. Simonella revealed the truth to 31-X and finally brought Blastech's brain online allowing him to access 31-X's memories and skills, while having all his own and having a perfect Cyborg body.

Fifteen years later Blastech's partnership with Remington Durasteele is still going strong and people are beginning to wonder why Blastech doesn't seem to age.