Created by Jimmy Bramble

Arado Suna Harmokos A.K.A. Ash A.K.A. Jarel Maybrick.

King Ash, Leader of the free men of Corellia, Savior of Altrus, Liberator of Hoth, Leader of free Earth, Savior of New York, Honorary Crypt, Member of the CCrk'talktu tribe, Saint Ash Liberator of the Vatican and Former Ambassador to New Alderan.

Species- Human
Weight-190 lbs
A Quote-Paranoid? I haven't lived this long without being paranoid.

Dexterity: 3D+2
Blaster: 7D+2, Brawling Parry:, Dodge: 4D, Melee Combat: 6D+2 Melee Parry: 6D+2, Pick Pockets

Knowledge: 3D
Alien Species:, Bureaucracy: 4D, Cultures:3D+2, Languages:4D, (SP) English:5D, (SP) Wookie:5D, Streetwise: 4D, Survival,

Mechanical: 2D+1
Astrogation: 4D, Starship Shields:3D, Space Transports: 7D+1, Starship Gunnery:3D, Sensors:3D, Swoop ops.:3D

Perception: 4D
Bargain: 8D, Command: 5D, Con: 9D, Gambling: 9D, Hide, Search: 5D, Sneak: 5D, Persuasion: 9D, Forgery

Strength: 2D+2
Brawling: 5D, Swimming, Lifting, Climb/jump, Stamina: 4D

Technical: 2D+1
Computer Program/Repair:4D, Armor Repair:3D, Droid Prog./Repair: 4D, Starship Repair:3D+2, First Aid:, Security: 4D, Blaster Repair:3D

Force Sen.?-No
Force Points-4
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-73

Heavy Blaster Pistol (5D), 3 hold out blasters (3d), Deck of Sabacc cards, some datapads, a Molecular stiletto (Str+2D), Unitech patch, a variety of outfits and uniforms ranging from Fop to Officer, Spaces Chest, Vibro Knife (Str+3D), Verti-go Line thrower, 200 meters of Fibra line, a Light repeating blaster-6D, 8,695 Credits worth of useful merchandise. Owner of the 'The Longshot'.

Other items Ash may carry on his person or found in his cargo hold...
Such as Alcohol and fine foods, things that could be traded, bartered for and given away. 2 cases of Corellian whiskey, 3 pairs of bulletproof long johns, 16 blaster clips, 2 shares in 'Milliways' (a diner at the end of the universe), a larger spacer's chest, 3 cases of 24 Nos. (cheap Corellian ale), 2 boxes of holovids, 6 dresses for Xam (never worn), Various fake I.D.s including Jarel Marick. His secret stash includes 6,000 credits in jewels and gems as well as 19,000 in standard credits, a Ch'Doth helmet and hunting equipment (Combi-stick, gun and knife) as well as a Terran Laptop, notebooks with various notes and bits of art, a dozen small silver balls, a blue flannel shirt and bandana (Crypt's gang clothing), a destroyer droid with the parts to make 2 more. Monk robes for the Dim-u monastery. Strormtrooper armor, a bounty hunter's sword as well as the diplomatic packet for New Alderan with I.D.s and New Alderans highest medal of honor.

On ship supplies:
a pair of maneuver thrusters, a small shield generator, fuel cells, hull plating, 275 ft. of cable, a nav. computer as well as the following droids: Spitfire and six other R2 Unites:  R2D4, R2S1, R2Y6, R2C3, R2Z9, R2Q2

Pirate stuff:
(2) 10ft. Metallic rings, a sonic screwdriver, 1 basketball sized Ruby, several deeds for various mining colonies, a jar with a hand in it (Looks like a Klingons...), 20 uncut gems in a small pouch, 1, 400 credits, 1 plain gold ring with strange writing on it's interior, a treasure map made of Bantha skin and a painting of the dread pirate Solo.

Alright, listen up. I'm gonna say this once. You want to know about me, well I don't like talkin' about myself, so here it goes. They call me Ash, my real name is Arado Suna Harmakros. I'm the first mate to this smuggler. Been with him for a while now. Well anyway you want to know why I'm the way I am. I was born on a planet no one around these parts has ever heard of, Verga. It's the main planet of the Tunarus sectum system. Last time I was there it was held by the empire, not that that's a bad thing, my family has/had an illustrious military background. My grandfather served with the Empire during the 'Clone Wars', dad was an Imperial Admiral. Admiral Gunnhar Harmakros, he commanded a star destroyer. I don't remember much about it, I was only 4 when it all happened. but Dad disappeared during some battle a a place called Endor.

Mom, Zerieka, said that he was probably dead. Oh well, war is hell. My brothers, Hrugan and Fhain both served the Empire as Tie Fighter pilots. They would always send word that they were fine and in good hands. They said that they trusted they're commanding officer with they're lives. I personally think that they were aboard dad's Star Destroyer. But of course I have no proof. Anyway both were killed in a skirmish with some Rebel X-Wings. You see a pattern forming here? I did, not only were the Rebels killing the men in my family, but it looked like it was my turn. My mom enrolled me in the Imperial Academy. It wasn't what I expected. They taught us how to fire a blaster, fly fighters and if you showed that special initiative you got to learn demolitions. I like blowing things up.

I made it through the first two years. Then like something fell into place, I was going to die if I stayed there. My father and both my brothers, now Me? No ain't happening. I decided to quit. So I did and they didn't take it very well. As a matter of fact they decided to give chase. I got off planet and joined a ships crew. Over the years I picked up new skills and talents. Every now and then I see some of my former classmates and friends, unfortunately most of the time they are looking for me. There are a few that just look the other way. Then I found the guy I'm working with. He was looking for a first mate. I was looking for a job and he liked my sense of humor. I found out he was an ex-Imperial as well and had no love for them either. Isn't it groovy how that worked out?