Akiva Rostoni

created by Keith Kilburn

Template-Jedi Knight
Weight-125 lbs
A Quote-The Force surrounds us and binds us, and is created by all living things...

Blaster:4D+2, (S) Hold-out:6D+2, Dodge:5D, Brawling Parry:4D+2, (S) Venudian Akido:7D, Lightsaber:8D, Vehicle Blasters:4D, Missile Weapons:5D

Languages:5D, (S)Wookie:5D, (S)Rodian:5D, (S)Nagai:5D, Intimidation:5D, Streetwise:5D, Scholar: Jedi Lore:5D, Law Enforcement:6D+2, Alien Species:3D, Bureaucracy:4D

Starfighter Piloting:6D, (S) Z-95 Head Hunter:8D, Starship Gunnery:6D, Starship Shields:5D, Sensors:5D, Astrogation:5D, Repulsorlift Opps.:4D, (S) Repulsor Steeds:5D+2

Con:5D, Gambling:5D, (S) Sabacc:6D, Investigation:6D, Bargain:4D, Persuasion:4D+1

Brawling:5D, Lifting:4D, Stamina:4D, Climb/Jump:4D, Swimming:4D

First Aid:5D, Starship Repair:5D, Lightsaber Repair:5D

Special Abilities:
Force Powers:
-Emptiness, Hibernation Trance, Concentration, Accelerate Healing, Control Pain, Reduce Injury, Remain Conscious, Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Resist Stun, Control Disease, Short Term Memory Enhancement

-Life Detect, Life Sense, Sense Force, Receptive Telepathy, Magnify Senses, Post Cognition, Translation, Combat Sense, Danger Sense, Instinctive Astrogation


-Accelerate Another's Healing, Control Another's Pain, Transfer Force, Return Another to Conscious, Control Another's Disease

-Lightsaber Combat, Projective Telepathy, Farseeing

-Dim Another's Senses

-Affect Mind

Force Sen?-Yes
Force Points-8
Darkside Points-0

Lightsaber (5D, Diff.-20), Sector Ranger Badge and ID, Her hat and a weeks worth of clothes (Work and Casual), Blast vest (+1D for phy., +1 for ene.), 2 Hold-out Blasters (3D+1 Damage,3-4/8/12,ammo:6), 2 Mini-Hold-out Blasters (2D, 1/3/--, ammo:2), Two clips for each gun


Akiva Rostoni was born the middle child to legendary Gunslinger Kamen Rostoni and as the middle child she was something of a troublemaker. Growing up on the Streets of El Diablo Mesa in and around the Gangs Akiva perfected skills as a sneak thief and landseeder rip off artist until her capture at her fathers hands. Akiva was made to serve a brief sentence that scared her straight...or at least out of the landspeeder thieving rings and into Sabacc.

Akiva worked on her Sabacc game as she watched her brother graduate from the Sector Ranger academy and her little sister grow from a little kid to a blossoming young woman. Akiva tried her hand at the Academy as well but soon dropped out and married a Gambler by the name of Louis Dehayle. Kamen never approved of Louis and this only sought to drive Akiva straight into his arms.

The relationship soon came to an end when Louis left Akiva for another woman at the tender age of eighteen, leaving behind a note explaining that the love was gone Akiva was devastated by the loss of her husband and returned home with Louis' hat. Kamen accepted her back into the household and she was soon back at the Academy wanting to be a Sector Ranger like her father was.

Working her way through the Academy while dealing tables at the local casino Akiva ran into a serious bit of trouble when the local Imperial Moff took a liking to her. Akiva turned him down in a rather public fashion and her life went from 'ok' to 'Bantha Poodoo' almost overnight. She was fired from the casino she had been employed at for almost two years and then was kicked out of the Academy when it was believed that she cheated on her final's. Again the Moff offered her the chance to further her position in life by accepting a marriage proposal and again Akiva turned him down thinking that things could get no worse.

She was wrong.

Her Brother Thom was killed during a routine drug bust, Her Father was framed for Spice possession and imprisoned at Kessel and her younger Sister Xeno was arrested as a Rebellion spy and taken by the Moff for 'Behavior Modification'. Akiva reacted and went after the Moff and ended up wounded and on the run. Boarding a pleasure vessel leaving for Cloud City Akiva tended her wounds and meet up with several members of the future Mutt Squad. Before they could arrive in Cloud City, the 'Mignola' was attacked by the dread pirate Ro-Jilk, a Barabel who had been operating in the area.

Picked out of the crowd along with several others Akiva was made a pirate and was told that she and Ro-Jilk's second in Command Jyve would lead a squad of the Pirates on a raid and capture of a Star-Destroyer. Things went badly and Jyve was abandoned by his mentor Ro-jilk, he and his crew were captured by the Empire aboard the Star-Destroyer. Their execution orders had just been issued when the Rebellion made a daring raid on the already damaged vessel and were able to capture it.

The Pirate's were released and took off, Akiva and Jyve joined the Rebellion together and ended up in what became the Mutt-Squad. The Squad took on many assignments for the Rebellion, first under Commander Prine and then after his death under Commander Anthony Wayne. Akiva and Jyve manage to get an old Freighter together and both had dreams of opening a small shipping company. It was during this time that Akiva felt the pull of the force after she was sold a Lightsaber by an Ithorian aboard a herdship. It would take meeting Stromgald Cabala to galvanize her resolve, Akiva asked him if he would train her in the way's of the force.

And Stromgald told her 'no'.

Having his own inner demons to face Stromgald waited until he had mastered them before he had begun to teach Akiva the ways of the Force. It was with the help of the Mutt-Squad that they were able to help rescue Jedi Knight Kenzil Truett from an Imperial prison and he instructed them as best he could before he lost his life at the Hand of Inquisitor Tremayne. Akiva almost lost her arm during the battle and had to have it re-attached, she walked away from this encounter with more maturity and a healthy amount of fear for Tremayne. She was able to free her sister from the 'behavioral modification center' and get her intro treatment.

Time passed and Akiva learned more of the Force and went through many harrowing adventures with the Mutt-Squad during the battle of Hoth (They failed to stop the loss of the East entrance), against the only Emperor-class Star Destroyer (Which she fired the destroying shot on) and to destroy the Emperor's Sparti Clone Cylinders on Theta-five at the same time that the Heroes of Yavin were on Endor destroying the second Deathstar.

Akiva and Kryzah went off to free Slaves of the Empire and it was with her help that Kryzah was able to break yolk of Imperial oppression on the Malloy Mining facility and the New Alliance gained a powerful force of good in the vessel and crew of the 'Freedom'. Akiva left her long time friend and for a time roamed the universe looking for her place in things and shared an adventure with Luke Skywalker who helped become stronger in the force. Returning to her home planet of El Diablo Mesa Akiva helped free it from the yolk of Imperial oppression before completing her training at the Academy and taking her place as a Sector Ranger based out of her fathers old office.

Akiva stayed on El Diablo Mesa for the next couple of years before she meet up with members of the Mutt-Squad and adventured with the briefly once more. She was instrumental in bringing Tinian I'att into the Mutt-Squad and it wasn't long before she, Stromgald Cabala and J.S. Boggins meet and trained under Jedi Master Ulric Nunis. It was under Master Ulric that Akiva confronted her fear of Tremayne and confronted him alongside Boggins and Stromgald.

The Fight against the agent of the Darkside was epic and when it was over Tremayne was dead and all three stood as Jedi Knights, having confronted their fears and personal demons and having stepped through that fire they came out stronger. Akiva parted ways with the group once more and for the most part didn't see them again until years later when she meet Stromgald's little brother and rebuffed his attempts to pick her up at a resort planet.

Akiva left the life of adventure and stayed with the Sector Rangers, dealing with that and a growing adopted daughter over the decade and a half. A recent attack on her and visiting Jedi friends caused her to fear for the safety of her daughter and with that she gave the seventeen year old 'Raven' to Jedi Knight Shubquix Rendelli and his Padawan learner Kae' Cabala to look after and to safeguard.

Akiva faked her own death to help draw out the sith and only returned when Kae needed her help the most. She took on Kalli as her Padawan learner and is teaching at the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4.