created by Derek 'Dude' Thornton

Template-Protocol/Security Droid
Weight-365 lbs
Date of Creation-9 years BBY
Age-18 at the time of his dismantling.
A Quote-My name is 31-X how may I assist you?

Blaster:7D, Limb-Blaster:10D, Dodge:7D, Grenade:6D, Melee Combat:6D, Running:7D, Vehicle Weapons:6D

Cultures:8D, Intimidation:7D, Languages:10D, Streetwise:5D, Value:6D, Bureacracy:4D, Law-enforcement:3D+1, Scholar:3D+1

Astrogation:4D, Repulsorlift Ops.:6D, Sensors:6D, Starship Piloting:8D, Starship Weapons:8D, Starship Shields:7D

Bargin:5D, Forgery:6D, Sneak:5D, Search:5D, Tracking:7D, Investigation:5D, Con:5D

Lifting:7D, Brawling:6D, Climb/Jump:4D+1

Droid program/Repair:6D, Computer Program/Repair:5D+1, First Aid:6D, Starship Repair:6D, Demolitions:6D, Security:5D

Force Sen.?-No
Force Points-2
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-7

Note:31-X is so heavily modified that it takes a Heroic droid repair roll to effect repairs on him if he is damaged.

Body Armor:+4D to all locations. (This results in -1D from his Dex and Skills)
Internal Comlink-50 Km Range (May monitor up to 10 different frequencies)
Internal Automap.

Other features include...
(Right Arm) Limb Blaster (5D, 3-30/100/200, 100 shots)

(Left Arm) Retractable Internal Vibrosword (Str+3D+2 Damage, Diff.-15) Also retractable is a Scomplink (+1D to Computer Program/Repair checks)

(Both Legs) 2 hidden compartments-20x10x8cm

(Right Eye) Holocam-Macrobinocular hook up-100 meter range.

(Left Eye) Holoprojector-color, -1.5 meter range, image size ranges from .5 to 10 meters.

100' Syntherope w/hook, 3 glowrods and 3 medkits (1 Wookie, 2 humans.)

31-X was built as the private protocol droid of Simonelle, a master droid designer. The protocol droid also doubled as a security and bodyguard droid. Simonella's second human replica droid Slissler had worked as the assistant to Simonelle for two years before he stole his masters favorite protocol droid, a droid that had been modified to be a body guard for Simonelle as few looked closely at Protocol Droids. Knowing that the droid might in fact attempt to return to its original master since it was programmed to do so Slissler altered its programming and memory to make it believe that he in fact was its master.

31-X served the ungrateful Slissler for a couple of years before Slissler lost him in a Sabacc game to Commander Prine of the Rebel forces. Unknown to either Prine or 31-X their were hidden protocols in the droids memory banks that would keep him loyal to Slissler if he should ever show back up. Prine took his new droid and returned to the Rebellion using him as part of the newly formed Mutt Squad figuring that the droid would be of use to undercover operatives. 31-X was told that Galdivar would be his commander and that he would serve the Mutt Squad and so he did for the next eight years as he was modified again and again. 31-X suffered through Prine's death and Galidavar's disappearance before finally meeting back up with Slissler once more and it was shortly after his meeting with his 'master' that 31-X was forced to kill an Imperial Moff and shortly there after was dismantled.

Only to awaken in the body of human cyborg replica chassis body of Thomas S. Blastech.