created by Keith Kilburn with art by Reverend Strone.

Template-Outlaw Droid Tech, Later revealed to be a Human Replica Droid.
A Qoute-Oh, but you will...Oh, but you can.

Dodge:6D:2, Blaster:4D, Running:6D+2

Technology:6D, Streetwise:5D+2, Languages:5D+1, Value:5D+1, Alien Species:5D+2, Bureaucracy:6D

Astrogation:3D+2, Starship Piloting:3D+1

Perception 3D
Con:5D+2, Sneak:4D+2, Hide:3D+2, Forgery:4D+2


Armor Repair:5D, (A) Armor Engineering:2D, Droid Program/Repair:11D+2, (A) Droid Engineering:8D+2, Security:6D+2, Computer Program/Repair:6D+2, Blaster Repair:6D+1, (A) Blaster Engineering:4D+2, First Aid:5D

Force Sen.?-No
Force Points-4
Darkside Points-12
Character Points-25

600,000 Credits in various banks around the galaxy, Personal Computer (+1D to Computer Program/Repair), Droid repair kit, Modified Kresh Luck Armor (+2D to phy. and ene.), Modified Blaster Pistol (4D+2, 3-30/80/175)

Slissler was the second Human replica droid built by Simonelle after Prince Xizor had Guri 'assassinate' him, originally named Adam, Slissler asked for his own name when he heard about Guri and it was Simonelle that named him Slissler. Somewhere along the way Slissler developed his own feelings concerning his master, its not known if perhaps this was the fault of a bad memory wipe or perhaps some sort of built up ionization. Slissler had worked as the assistant to Simonelle for two years before he stole his masters favorite protocol droid, a droid that had been modified to be a body guard for Simonelle as few looked closely at Protocol Droids. Knowing that the droid might in fact attempt to return to its original master since it was programmed to do so Slissler altered its programming and memory to make it believe that he in fact was its master.

Slissler also knew that his former master worked with the rebellion infrequently as a droid tech and wanted to strike a crippling blow on them for reasons known only to him. Slissler entered a Sabacc game against a rebel commander and purposefully lost the droid so it could infiltrate the Rebellion. The only problem that Slissler had not foresaw was the actual tracking of the droid, Slissler lost 31-X and for years there was no contact between the two. Slissler and Simonelle had a second encounter and Slissler attempted to kill his former master when he found him putting the finishing touches on a Cyborg human Replica Chassis for a cancer ridden friend. Slissler like Guri before him believed that he in fact had killed Simonelle and took the Cyborg chassis keeping it and its human brain in stasis as he tried to best figure out how to put it to good use.

it was a chance encounter with the Mutt Squad five years after the battle of Endor that brought Slissler and 31-X back together. Enacting protocols hidden within 31-X's memory banks Slissler took control of him and even though 31-X had a new master he found himself unable to fight the programming or harm Slissler at all. Slissler made him do various dirty deeds including an assassination which was recorded and sent to General Anthony Wayne and the President of the Republic. Slissler realized that he was about to loose a very valuable spy worked feverishly to get the Cyborg Chassis ready to take 31-X's memory. Unsure what exactly to do with the brain of the real Thomas S. Blastech Slissler decided to keep it intact in the chassis, but offline since the memory was hardwired to it. 31-X was dismantled and Slissler was able to get a hold of the memory core long enough to dump it into the awaiting Cyborg Chassis. Slissler let Blastech know exactly who was in charge and that he could reveal who he was, once unmasked Blastech would suffer the same fate that 31-X had. Over the next two years Blastech would suffer the humility of having to work for Slissler until they ran afoul of one another again on Yazir-5.

Slissler had become part of the Jyve's crew after bringing a very powerful bargaining chip to the table. Slissler now had control of the free Guri and was using her to make himself a powerful player in the underworld of the universe. When the Mutt Squad began destroying the slave ring on Yazir-5 Slissler and Guri went to deal with Blastech. Blastech was barely able to defeat Guri in combat and before Slissler could kill Blastech from behind Simonelle showed up and destroyed Slissler revealing that the outlaw tech was in fact a human replica droid.