Adapted by Brain White

Template-Science Teacher
Weight-180 lbs

A Quote-
Come with me, I just want to go home.

Well built and lithe with brown hair and eyes. Dressed in black with sunglasses.

Dexterity: 5D
Web shooters 9D, Brawling Parry 8D, Dodge:10D, Running:6D

Knowledge: 3D+2
Business: Photojournalism:6D, Intimidation:4D+2, Law Enforcement:2D, Scholar: Chemistry:4D/Photograhy:4D, Streetwise:5D, Survival:5D, Willpower:7D

Mechanical: 2D+2
Ground Vehicle Operation: Motorcycle:3D+2

Perception: 4D+2
Bargain:5D+2, Con:5D+2 Hide:6D+2, Investigation:6D, Persuasion:5D, Search:6D, Sneak:10D.

Strength 4D+1
Brawling 9D, Climbing/Jumping 12D, Lifting 7D, Stamina:8D, Swimming:6D.

Technical: 2D+2
First Aid:5D, Weapon Repair:5D, (SP) Web shooters:7D, (A) Weapon Engineering: Web shooters 2D, Electronics:3D: (SP) Tracking Devices:5D

Special Abilities:
Danger Sense 7D:
Parker has the unique ability to sense impending danger that will occur to either him or the immediate area. This ability allows him to sense the coming danger possibly up to one minute in advance.

Enhanced Speed:
Parker's amazing speed allows him an extra action per turn without any penalties.

Wall crawling 9D:
Parker can adhere to almost any surface with his hands and feet, allowing him to climb along walls and ceilings as easily as though he were walking or running. Parker can travel along walls and ceilings with just his feet, but this causes a 5D penalty and halves speed.

Force Sen.?-No
Force Points-3
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-25

Web Shooters (care of David Lucas)
Operation: Armour Weapons
Range: 10/25/100
Effect: Shoots out elastic, strong, sticky strands of webbing. Grabs onto anything with a STR of 5D. The strength of the webbing is dependant upon how much is used. Each web fluid canister holds 1000 shots of webbing.
This may be broken up per individual shot, with the following restrictions:
- The minimum web shots for short range is 1.
- The minimum web shots for medium rangee is 6.
-"'" long range is 10.
-To increase the STR of the webbing, usee the combined damage table.
e.g.. 1 shot gives the web a STR of 1D. This STR is used to hold up things and versus physical damage.
-2 shots gives the web a STR of 2D.
-10 shots gives the web a STR of 5D.
> -60 shots gives the web a STR of 9D.
> -Webbing is -3D to resist damage versus energy or flame.
-The maximum amount of webbing spent in one round is 100 shots.
Each group of shots counts as one action.
i.e.. 1 shot is one actions; 10 shots to increase STR to 5D is one action. Each web shooter operates independently. The web shooters can also create a swingline allowing Parker to travel at double normal movement. The maximum range of the swingline is 100 meters. A normal hit roll is needed to strike a suitable anchor.

Operation: Electronics: Tracking Devices + Danger sense
Range: 500/1000/2000
Effect: A Tracer emits a strong signal that is keyed specifically to Parker's Danger Sense. Parker can home in on this signal from up to two kilometers away using his unique abilities. Each tiny tracer is fitted with a magnetic base as well as a strong adhesive so it will stick to almost any surface. Parker can toss these or form a 'slingshot' with his webbing to propel it even further.
Medium Range: -3D to roll
Long Range: -6D to roll

Other Equipment:
Webshooters, 4 webshooter refills, 12 tracers a small camera and glowrod, Utility belt: For refills, camera and glowrod.


Peter Parker was orphaned at an early age, and went to live in Forest Hills, Queens, New York with his elderly Aunt May and Uncle Ben. He grew up as a shy, be-spectacled studious boy, with a real talent for the Sciences. It was at a scientific demonstration of a new radiation technology, that the incident happened which was to change his life forever.Unperceived by the crowd, a spider had crept into the beam of radiation being generated by the experiment. It dropped down onto the hand of our erstwhile genius, Peter Parker, and (glowing strangly all the while) bit him upon the hand. Feeling unnerved, Peter left the building, and wandered home in a daze. When a car almost clipped him, he lept without thinking, up high, and onto the side of a building, where he stuck, like a Spider. Indeed, this young boy had gained the Powers of a Spider - speed, strength, wall-sticking, and an unerring sixth-sense which warned him of danger just before it occured.

History in the Kilb-iverse:
Peter Parker and his friend Matt Murdock were kidnapped from Earth and used as a pair of 'bounty hunters' being told that they would never go home and would die if they failed to help retrieve the Mutt Squad. It was Matt Murdock who finally managed to communicate with the members of the Mutt Squad and it was with the Squad's help that they were able to return to earth. A couple of years later the Mutt Squad returned to Earth to help fight off an Imperial invasion of the planet and Peter and Matt were both members of the resistance force.