Adapted by Brain White

Weight-180 lbs

A Quote-Come with me, I just want to go home.

Description-Well built and lithe with reddish-blond hair. Dressed in black with sunglasses and a staff.

Dexterity: 5D
Bows:6D, Dodge:8D, Firearms:6D, Melee Combat:6D
(SP) Staff:9D, (Sp) Billy Club:9D, Missile Weapons:6D
(SP) Swing Line:9D, Pick Pocket:6D, Thrown Weapons:7D,
(Sp) Billy Club:9D

Knowledge: 3D+2
Bureaucracy:6D, (SP) Judicial System:8D, Business:5D, (Sp) Law Practice:6D, Intimidation:4D+2, Law Enforcement:5D, Scholar: (SP) Criminal Law:9D , Streetwise 5D, (SP) Hell's Kitchen:9D, Survival 5D, Willpower:7D
Mechanical: 2D+2
Beast Riding: 3D+2, (SP) Horse:4D, Ground Vehicle Operation:3D+2
Perception: 4D+2
Bargain 5D+2, Command:6D, Con:5D+2, Hide:6D+2, Investigation:6D,
Persuasion:6D, Search 6D, (SP) Tracking:9D, Sneak:7D.
Strength: 3D+1
Brawling:8D, Climbing/Jumping:8D, Lifting:5D, Stamina:7D, Swimming:5D
Technical: 2D+2
First Aid:5D, Security:6D, Weapon Repair: 5D, (SP) Billy Club and Staff:6D,
(A) Weapon Engineering: Billy Club and Staff:2D

Special Abilities:
Immune to Light Changes: Murdock is blind, so is not affected by bright lights and suffers no
penalties for darkness.

*Radar Sense: 10D
He has 360 degree radar which aids him at all times, letting him "see" 3D shapes and distances,
but no colors. He can use this power instead of PER to notice things or to search. +1D to detect
movement. It's very accurate and can let him dodge very small projectiles or sense someone behind
or above him. Murdock can perform a Full Defensive Skill Use and still attack or use another skill.
(He cannot do a Full Dodge and Full Parry at the same time though).
Limitation: His radar sense can be overworked by lots of moving objects and extreme weather. He
gets -2D when in rain, snow or a crowd, -5D in heavy rain, snow or a big crowd.
Enhanced Hearing:
Murdock can detect sounds at 10D. Murdock has the 5D ability to detect if someone is lying by
listening to their heart beat.

Limitation: Sound-based attacks are +2D against him.
Enhanced Smell: 8D
He can track by smell and can detect certain odors. He is very good at recognizing people and chemicals by smell (successful Know roll). Gasses and toxins are +2D against him.
Enhanced Touch: 8D
His sense of touch is so sensitive he can read newsprint with his fingers .
Murdock gains +5D to Search or Track when he employs all his enhanced senses.
Blindness: Murdock cannot make a PER roll that involves sight.

Force Sen.?-No
Force Points-3
Darkside Points-0
Character Points-25

Billy Club (STR+2D; throwing range: 0-6/10/30; 30 meter swing line).

As a teenager Matt Murdock was struck in the eyes by material from a radioactive cannister while saving an old man from being hit by a truck. Blinded by the incident, Murdock found that his senses had been magnified to superhuman levels and that he had acquired a "radar" sense that gave him a 360 degree three-dimensional view of his surroundings. His father, an aging boxer, made Matt promise to do well in school so that he wouldn't have to live by his fists. Matt was an excellent student, both before and after the accident that blinded him. He eventually became one of the best lawyers in the country. Daredevil has a profound love of justice and the justice system, and works hard at making it work better rather than just scrapping it. However, as the vigilante Daredevil, he often has to work outside the law which has created some conflicts for Matt. The only weapon he regularly uses is his billy club which also has a cable allowing him to swing from building to building in Hell's Kitchen (the lower east side of Manhattan) where he's appointed himself protector.

History in the Kilb-iverse:
Matt Murdock and his friend Peter Parker were kidnapped from Earth and used as a pair of 'bounty hunters' being told that they would never go home and would die if they failed to help retrieve the Mutt Squad. It was Matt Murdock who finally managed to communicate with the members of the Mutt Squad and it was with the Squad's help that they were able to return to earth. A couple of years later the Mutt Squad returned to Earth to help fight off an Imperial invasion of the planet and Matt and Peter were both members of the resistance force.